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  1. Well, I am heart broken. I woke up at 4 a.m. and she was actually swimming around. I tested the water to make sure nothing was going on and all levels were perfect. I woke up at 7:30 to change her water and she had passed away. I cannot believe it. I really thought she was doing better. I cannot thank everyone enough for the help and support. I feel like I should have done more for her, but I just don't know what that could be. I am new at this and I loved her, but she is no longer suffering and that has to be what I think about now. I have a big tank with 4 other fish in it and they are doing great. Their tank has been set up for quite some time now, but I worry about them often. Thank you again for caring about her. I just don;t know what could have gone wrong in just a few hours. I tested hr water again after she passed and none of the levels were off. I guess the infection was just too much for her poor little body. Thank you to all once again.
  2. Did a huge water change and started the furan 2 . It has been a few hours and still no change, but really what do i expect after a few hours. Still not putting in salt. I have been doing some more research, should the ph be lower than 7.4? If it is columnaris? Poor fish, I wish i could do more. Setting my alarm for 6 a.m. to check water and do possible water change. Anything else I can do? Is the temp at 70 ok? Am I correct to keep salt out of the water? Thank you again. Always grateful.
  3. Ok. I did a huge water change. Still not putting in salt, I did use Prime and the Ph buffer. checked the ph and it is still at 7.4 How do i know if what she has is bacterial or fungal? There are no cottony tufts on her body, both sets of her side fins. and tail. The dorsal fin actually looks pretty good. She is so weak, I am pouring the water in So slowly and even that small amount of water movement she struggles to not be swept around. Should I start the Furan -2 or the anti fungal? It literally is bringing me to tears. I am SO grateful for other people's advice and support. Thank you.
  4. Thought I would add more pictures to give an idea of how bad here fins look. She actually seems a little more active than this morning but not by much. I went to the aquarium store and got API Furan 2, Fungus Cure and EM erythromycin, Have not used them, because the Maracyn products are inthe water. I was thinking of doing a100% water change and then switching to the API products. However, which one? Is this fungal or bacterial? I wish she could tell me. Her poor little side fins look totally shredded. She seems to breathing rapidly and is is tilting to one side. The aquarium store people like the API stuff better, but I am going to do whatever is suggested here. THank you So much.
  5. Not good at all! Her poor body has So much more red in it. it really looks like she is bleeding under her skin I did a 90 % water change, NO salt, added buffer and Prime. Put back in the Maracyn 2. Should I add the Maroxy or Marcacyn? I feel like her side finsare almost completely gone and what si there look like little tuffs of cotton. I can do water changes three or four times a day, but willl that stress her out more? This is so frustrating because I feel like there is no way to really tell what is happening to her and I feel completely helpless. I have covered the tank with a towel to block the light and am going to the aquarium store in a few. I would like to get the API Furan -2 and give that a try after another water change or am I not being patient? THANK YOU FOR ALL THE ADVICE AND SUPPORT. I rescued her two years ago from an abandoned pond and I have grown so attached to her. I did test the water before i changed it....Ph 7.6, ammonia 0 Nitrates between 0 and .5 and nitrites .25 However, I immediately did the 90% water change. Should I still keep with the no salt? Forgot, the temp is 7o degrees F
  6. Done. exactly. I will keep you posted.. It really helps to know that I am not alone in this. Thank you
  7. I did just check and the ingredients for the Furan API are Nitrofurazone and Furazolidone. I also have the Tetra Fungus Guard and it has the same ingredients (however it does not specify amounts) and additionally Potassium Dichromate. So confusing. I really do not want to use anything right now, but her tail is literally falling apart and I am starting to panic.
  8. I do have the API TC tetracycline but I do not have the Furan, I can get that tomorrow.
  9. Here are a few more pictures. I don't know if it helps at all. I did do another water change. The temp of the new water is the same as the water I am taking out, and still no salt. Can I do too many water changes? I think since earlier this afternoon she is worse. But maybe it will get better still. How do I tell if it is fungal or bacterial? The insert with the meds is really confusing. Let me know if I should post more pics. I don't know what else to do for her, so I guess I am just posting pictures and hoping. Sorry for that.
  10. She has not eaten in over a week. I am worried now that maybe it is the actual filter that may be causing the problem, is that even possible? I know the poster said that the water looked foul, but in reality it does not, I have been doing water changes every day and am now doing them twice per day. It is so hard to just wait. Just in the last few hours her fins are getting worse and it looks like there are tuffs of cotton on her mouth. Should I do another water change? still stick to no salt? I took off the filter and dumped the water out and it is really gross. I don't know if it the bio filter in there or algae, should I clean it and if so how? I agree that something is wrong with the tank, but if water changes are not helping what could it be? Thank you again for the help.
  11. What I meant for the water change is that there is no salt in the new water, but I did add Prime and Seachem Buffer. Sorry, it seemed like I did not add any of those things. She is on the bottom of the tank just floating around in the current. Her fins are clamped now as well. So scarred for her.
  12. She is not feeling well at all. Just did another water change, no salt, buffer, Prime. Now she has this whiteness around her mouth and her tail is getting some white on it too and disintegrating more. PLease help. I did go out and get Maracyn, Maracyn 2, Maroxy just in case I should use it later in the evening adn all the stores are closed. Thank you again.
  13. Keeping up with water changes, taking out the salt. Temp is up to 70 degrees F. She is so lethargic. she just floats along the bottom and then kind of bounces off the sides of the tank. Her mouth is starting to turn red as well. I did put some Nutrfin Cycle into the tank. I am doing two water changes a day, and I will not put in any salt for a few days. The red on her sides os getting worse and her fins are getting more red in them as well. I am trying to be patient,but I am SO worried!! Thanks for all the help. I really need it.
  14. http://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff467/plaid423/IMG_0324.jpg trying to post links to 3 pictures of little bit on Photobucket. May nt work and will try again.
  15. OK So this morning is not good!! She is much more lethargic and has a red spot now forming on the other side of her body as well!!! I am going to do another water change, but I am at a loss. Should I do water changes twice a day? Her levels in the water are good. what about the salt? am I putting in too much? Maybe not enough? I am really scarred she is not going to make it. Thank you for any help!!
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