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  1. Thanks for that, will now look at getting a specimen to add to the bunch, I love the black moors as well so my head is now working out the stocking list
  2. Sorry for the double post, dojos would fit in well as I intend to use sand for the substrate giving them the chance to burrow and add Java fern along with a couple of different species of Anubias, hopefully the taste of these plants will discourage the fish from eating them.
  3. I have read on a couple of sites that Loinheads are not suitable tankmates for Orandas as they are very sensitive and the least hardy of the fancy species, other sites say they are suitable tank mates for Orandas, any comments?
  4. Hi all, after 35 years of breeding cichlids from Discus to Malawi I have decided I want to change completely and after being a member on here now for some time I have decided to go the coldwater route from looking at the members pics. I am currently selling off all stock from my 100 gallon (imperial) tank and wish to keep a group of fancies. My wife loves the Orandas (I took her out to a private seller today to look at them after a lot of persuasion so I definitely want to add 3-4 of them. My question basically is which other fancies can I keep with them (I know from the water volume that 9 fancies is my limit) and which other species of coldwater fish make good tank mates. I have been looking at some of the corydoras that prefer cooler temps as my tank never drops below 22 degC at room temperature, whats your thoughts?
  5. I always use airline tubing but I syphon the water into a small white bucket and check before I throw it-just in case
  6. Definately sounds like the plec latching onto the other fish
  7. As mentioned above, neons for sale are a lot weaker due to poor breeding practices, cardinals are a better choice as they are more tolerant. I have kept glowlight tetras for many years and they are an excellent choice, their colouration is brilliant and they do have quite a long lifespan compared to some of the other Tetra species.
  8. If you have moved the old filter over then the bacterial colonies will need feeding.The answer to your question is you will need to add ammonia to feed the beneficial bacteria, you can use flake but this is very unpredictable to say the least.
  9. I haven't got a clue about the song , it just sounded o.k.
  10. which method did you use to cycle your tank as your water parameters are way off. there should be zero readings for ammonia and nitrites, these are lethal to the fish.
  11. good result, ours is capped as my partner is on dialysis so we get a bit of a breather on that one, once we hit our preset limit they don't charge us any extra
  12. I can't see it being planaria as they normally creep out of the substrate after lights out and climb up the glass, I know its a sign of poor maintenance on the substrate dept. but its great free fish food as well
  13. Short term you could add some baking soda (bi-carb) until the coral kicks in, the KH needs to be above 4-5 at the very least to hold the pH
  14. My memory isn't failing then Not bad seeing I haven't used any for a few years
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