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  1. In addition to missing half of it's face, the water line in the tank appears to be very low. Poor thing.
  2. When I started keeping goldfish, I was in a similar situation. I had about 14 feeder fish that I took in from my school's carnival. No body wanted them. Perhaps it would help your family if you shared my story? Unfortunately I didn't know anything about caring for them, and followed the perpetuated stereotypes. One by one the goldfish started dying. I'd find floaters. I'd find ones who'd sunk to the bottom. I'd find ones who where listless and barely breathing. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, but I lost so many, so quickly, that I had nightmares about finding boxes of dead fish in the basement. I was afraid to go near 10ish gallon tub I was keeping them in because I just didn't know why they where dying. Eventually, there was only one fish left. That fish is the fish in my signature and icon thingie. He's about five years old and six inches long including the tail, which is probably under half of the length he could be. He survived my gross misinformation, but the effects show. If I had known that I needed 20 gallons per fish right off the bat, I would have never taken them. Maybe I would have made sure that people who knew how to take care of them got a hold of them, but fish definitely are not the easy, carefree pet that I expected when I agreed to take them on. I still feel really guilty about it. The whole thing went over so horribly that the school does not any longer hold that carnival. I think the organization using the fish as prizes got a lot of flak, and I'm glad. It was a total nightmare. Good luck with your fish. I don't have any new or ground breaking suggestions, but I feel for you.
  3. In addition, remember always that if it fits in a goldfish's mouth, they WILL eat it. It's only a matter of time. Goldfish get BIG, and guppies stay pretty small.
  4. Commons get BIG! My T.F. came from a school carnival, with like, 14 other fish that I accidentally killed. He lives alone in a 29 gallon and is probably stunted beyond reason for my prior lack of knowledge, but they do fare better in ponds and LARGE tanks. T.F. is about five years old and maybe, 6-7 inches with tail? That's small for a comet or common, particularly an adult one, who (if I recall correctly) reach a length of about 10 inches to a foot? With goldfish, size DOES matter. Quite a lot. You have experienced a rare happening: a LFS employee giving *good* advice!
  5. Oh it's so cute. You should watch other films by the same director/company. They are all awesome!
  6. Fins or no, that Koi is gorgeous!
  7. Very cute fishies! I need to let you know that my boyfriend was listening to Bohemian Rhapsody while I was watching and it looked like your fish were singing. You should try it. I literally was loling!
  8. I just want you to know that I -looove- that fish! I'm glad you are keeping her. That means more pictures for me to swoon over!
  9. 4 or 5 fancy goldies, if you are on top of those water changes. 2 common/single tail goldies, though they are better suited to ponds.
  10. I'll take water changes over chancing bad bacteria colonies along with the good ones you are trying to cultivate to "complete" the cycle. A weekly water change isn't going to kill me, but a deadly bacteria bloom erupting when I disturb a gravel bed or filter box because I've done something wrong trying to achieve your results juuust might kill my fish. Remember that a fish tank in the home is a mini-environment. It is near-impossible to replicate nature as it is in the wild in captivity. While this may happen in nature, I have a feeling getting it to occur in my tiny 29 gallon tank would go the way of Jurassic park.. Which is to say, it'd have negative consequences. Maybe in a larger tank like the OP has? I personally wouldn't mess with it, but to each their own or whatever, right? Finally, I worry that advice like the OP is giving will give cause to newbie keepers not to water change. We have enough resistance when we tell people that maintaining water quality is important, and a lot of work. For a seasoned keeper who understands the cycle, the OP's suggestion might be manageable, but for someone just starting out I think it'd be dangerous. Confirm/deny? Yuko, I don't think it's trouble understanding that we're having. You are one person, whose made (as far as I can see) one thread regarding the subject. What's your background? Are you a scientist of some sort? If a fish-keeping journal, or say a major, reputable koi or goldfish breeder, or even a research group posted the findings and backed it up with evidence, evidence, evidence, maybe we'd be more interested. In the world of academia, you have got to have just about a million and one research sources, you have got to be heavily peer reviewed by others in your field and then you have to be published in a major journal for anyone to give your salt. You may be onto something, but don't expect a group of PET-fish keepers set in their ways (that have really worked!) to consider changing without an army of proof and information at your side. It's a little like saying to a parent "Hey, stop feeding your child fruits and veggies, and feed them chocolate at every meal instead! It makes them super smart!". No body's going to believe you without extensive proof, and chances are, few people are going to be ready to experiment for themselves on their kiddos. I doubt chocolate will revolutionize child-rearing. Now, you may have the seed of something that could revolutionize fish keeping. Who knows? I'm just not going to experiment on my fish to find out the hard way that it wont work for me.
  11. I don't like my tetra whisper filters. They are pretty noisy, and sometimes they don't want to start. Could be because they are old though.
  12. Kudos on rescuing this handsome fellow! Those bottle experiments should be banned.
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