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  1. Wow, I thought I read that prazi and salt work great together. ??? There are no torn fins that I can see yet.
  2. My new telescope is bottom sitting intermittently. He will come up for food (though he's not really good at seeing it so he never gets much) and swim around the tank but other times he will bottom sit in the back corners. He also floats vertically sometimes. Right now he's doing it and aiming for bubbles on the surface. Anyway, the tank has been running on all three filters (900gph) for over 24 hours now. I have 2 medium air-stones in the corners and another smaller one in the middle that I added when I went down a filter. But I'm keeping it in there for now. I did a water test yesterday and my params were good: 75 gallon tank ammonia - 0 - slight (expected being down a filter) nitrites - 0 nitrates - 5-10 temp - 76-78 (keeping it warmer during treatment) food - usually saki hikari and then fast one day then feed peas. but for the past few days they have been on Jungle AB Prime water conditioner. I have been keeping the tank at .3% salt for almost 2 weeks now. And I started dosing the tank with prazi-pro on Monday. I did a 25% water change today and have not tested the water yet. Should I change anything I'm doing? I don't want to lose any more fish
  3. I hooked it up immediately and it seems to be working fine. I have never worked with this type of filter before so I could use some pointers. I put in the big white sponge thing and I put in the white bio stuff in the mesh bag. But, I left out the carbon bag, is that ok? I know many of you don't use carbon and I just got done removing all my carbon 2 days ago on the day of the filter mishap that started all this. lol! Is that white-ish bio stuff available in pet stores so when it comes time to change it I can find some easily? What is that stuff called? It's like the chalky substance in little cylinder forms. The filter seems really basic so I hope I have it set up right. I got the one that puts out 300gph, so added to my other 400gph and 200gph filter I'm now back up to 900gph for my 75gal tank. Whew!
  4. I hope it gets here by Friday. I really need it and can't wait to get it installed!!!!
  5. Yeah I was wondering if you had to get stuff specially made for aquariums or if you could get creative. Do you do anything special with the quilt padding before putting it in the tank? How do you keep it rigid enough to stand up in the filters? The fliter floss I have now of course has black plastic backing with slits in it to allow water to pass thru. On my emperor 400 dual bio-wheel there are two slots on each side, 4 total, for filter media. One slot on each side is for the filter floss and the other slot on each side is for the plastic filter media container that you can fill with whatever you want. Oh, one more question... Is prazi-pro like salt in regards to adding more after water changes? If I remove 20 gallons of water then I add 60tsps of salt back in to match what I took out to keep the tank at .3%. Do I need to do that with prazi-too? If I take out 20gal then do I need to add one more tsp of prazi? Oh and right now my tank is only at 600gph because I'm down a filter. I ordered an AquaClear 300 yesterday so that should be here in a few days. Until then I might have to do frequent water changes though... that's why I need to know about the prazi and if I have to add more after each water change.
  6. Could it be you have a relative named Tony then, who works for Globalview Software?? LOL!
  7. LOL J-pond I can get some pics up soon, I hope. The tank is doing well so far, but it's only been about 20 hours since the filter crashed and I had to move the new fish into the main tank with the others. The new calico telescope is AMAZING!! I marvel at him every time he swims by. ANd he is so friendly. He comes right to the surface and I can practically pet him! He's easy to catch too:) What a love!
  8. I would love to know that too! Right now all my fish are on Jungle Anti-BACTERIAL food and I'm treating with prazi (because of the two new fish and because a couple of my other fish seemed like they were ill). Now I have to wonder if I should either switch to Jungle AP or just use it after I'm done with Jungle AB. Great question Tay:)
  9. Yes exactly, they are fabulous Well I just ordered it. I can't wait to get it! I hope it gets here fast... my tank needs that filter! 600gph is not going to cut it. Jeffery, I saw your name and thought, oh, wow, there is a guy that works for the company my husband works for who lives in Singapore and his name is Tony Teo. Then I saw YOU were in Singapore too! lol! Is Teo a common last name? Teo is also the nickname of my son, Mateo:)
  10. Like this? http://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=3610
  11. Thank you Tay! I'll take them out now. One more question: Would this filter be ok for my tank? https://www.fosterandsmithaquatics.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=3578+3579+3597&pcatid=3597 It says for tanks up to 55gal. My tank is 75gal but this would not be the ONLY filter. It's 250gph and add that to my 400 and 200 gph and we are at 850gph.
  12. I swear you guys, I'm freaking CURSED!!!! Go read my 911 post. My freaking canister filter took a crap on me. Caused all sorts of issues! I have had to cancel my QT because I needed my filter back on the main tank. So now I'm just dousing the 75gal main tank with prazi and salt for everyone. UGH! I hope this works. I'm tired of problems
  13. Thank you! I found another emperor 400 dual bio-wheel on sale at Drs. Foster and Smith so I'm ordering that now. It is exactly the same as the other one I have on my tank now. ANd there is TONS of room for filter media and it's 100x better dealing with that than the stupid canister. For now though I had to give up the QT tank because I needed my other smaller bio-wheel back. UGH! So for the next few days I am only going to have 600gph filtration on my 75gal tank. So, I guess I will be doing daily water changes, water tests and will keep my ammonia chips in the one filter for now to keep ammonia down. Hopefully that will be sufficient for the next couple days. I'm just dousing my whole 75gal with .3% salt and prazi pro and I hope my two new fish will be ok! What a pain!!!
  14. I had to put this post in the 911 section because I'm desperate. My stupid pain in the a$$ Magnum Canister filter is not working. I HATE THIS FILTER! The problem is I desperately needs it's filtration! I only have my dual biowheel 400 going on the main tank right now because I borrowed my smaller biowheel 200 for the QT. Without the canister 350gph on the main tank I'm only at 400gph!!!!!! I have to order a new filter right now. Any suggestions? DO I need a canister or can I just order another dual biowheel 400. That will give me 800gph on the tank even without my little biowheel 200.
  15. Ok, the problem is after removing all my carbon my water gets full of particles and looks bad. I hate that. Will the extra sponge (or whatever) help with that? Is there any other way to keep my water clean without using carbon?
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