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  1. HAHA at Diesel...I'll start a DD thread here when I get a day. I am slowly converting my .7 acre plot into an urban garden type thing. I had to build 15 nest boxes for 18 chickens today...were still working on the 10x12 harbor freight green house. I installed another 2x12 raised garden bed yesterday and hauled a ton of dirt by bucket to fill it. Whoow am I beat. My hope is to eventually go Aquaponics with my goldfish and greenhouse so need to get my issues fixed since I can't really add chemicals once they are supplying the water for food. And as for the smell...I had a 125 gallon fishtank with 3x the giant penguin filter on it and it has that smell when the filters build up like wet dirt...not a fishy stink just a damp wet smell but it is also my headboard for my king size bed so it was constantly sort of in my face too. This is where most are wintered or in a 100 gallon stock tank in the laundry room.
  2. His fish are beautiful, the lavender color really shows up under certain lighting.
  3. hehe I don't mind you asking, I have not been in a CNA setting for 2 years...im working on my nursing degree so I have just been a book worm. I thought it might be my well water had gone nasty but we drink it with no issues and that should have been negated for the 6 months I was in town with city water
  4. Yes three times now, and I mean I am in school for nursing and have been a CNA for almost 10 years, I know all about cross contamination and that I mean 100% overboard EVERYTHING new..tank, filter, siphon, net EVERYTHING. I was having severe floaty issues and swollen bellies AND ulcers that killed off fish I had for 3-4 years with no problems. I started over completely and they died to ulcers on the sides...I had no decorations for them to scrape on they just appeared as a red mark that grew no matter WHAT treatment I dumped in there. I moved in town for 6 months during construction so I had chlorinated city water...started over with some ranchus and city well water...a new 75 gallon tank and filter...died. Metronidazole, Prazi, Mellaflix, not all together of course...I tried EVERYTHING. I started over with a whole new 45 and small canister and 1 fish..ulcer died, I had hand spawned fry and so far no ulcers now I am back to swollen bellies and floaty issues????
  5. I have a stock tank with fry that I hatched last year and had separate from all the parents that died off...I bleach cleaned the filters and have tried not to get to attached to them because I started with probably 100 and have maybe 30 left...same thing floaty issues and swollen bellies but no signs of ulcers. I have treated with food from goldfish connection past the allowed treatment times, and medications bought from Petco. It doesn't seem to be able to be cured. I had a silver phoenix egg fish I bought from tommy for over 150 bucks with shipping that I kept 100% separate from anyone...didn't use the same siphon on even or net. Whole new smaller canister filter and it STILL got ulcers, I spent TONS in treatments, treated with salt and still lost it. I have tried making my own fish food and switched brands of food. I thought it was the original canister filter so I bought two whole new ones...and a whole new stock tank to start over with and bought 1 fish from rain garden and 2 from goldfish connection...I mean COMPLETE start over...all died from ulcers.
  6. So many of you longtime members may remember me. I have kind of gotten out of goldfish keeping after almost 25 years. I have moved two times and still had massive issues in the last three years. I have gone from rock to sand to no substrate, completely started my tanks over...gone city and well water and for the last three years I keep getting squishy stomachs, ulcers, floaty issues and death in my fish. I mean I have bought whole new tanks and filters and started 100% over and still it happened. I have medicated, salted, dipped, quarantined, stressed, cried done 25% water changes, 100% water changes, 50%...daily or weekly and watched my parameters like a hawk. After much debate because to be honest I truly miss keeping fish I have wondered if maybe anyone else has noticed these issues when they switched to all enclosed canister filtration? Back when I had hang on the back filtration I never EVER had problems. The only die off I experienced was from power outages and lack of oxygen for 3 days even with me blowing water into there...or over water change shock. I am no scientist on bacteria...but since my issues seem to diagnose to bacterial infections and I have even bought brand new filters with built in UV lights, started all over and lost all my new fish within 6 months to the same type of symptoms. WHAT THE HECK?? I like the enclose filters because it eliminates the gunky hang on the back filter smell but maybe not having access to oxygen or being open running water it develops some other kind of harmful bacteria?? I don't know after three years of trying EVERYTHING...It is the only thing I can think to change but before I eliminate my canister filters and restart a stock tank pond or new tank I thought I would ask Koko's what they think?
  7. I did that and it cracked down below afterwards when filled with water, it seemed to lose structure and I only did a maybe 4 inch by 8 inch piece. =( sucks cause it was a 300 gallon I paid about 250 dollars for too.
  8. I got 4 of your fishes siblings about 2 weeks ago!! I love how long the fins are and how jet black they are. I named mine Eenie Meenie Minie and Moe haha
  9. Well things were looking better than got worse, he jumped out of the 45...so I had to do some shuffling and get my 165 back set up. Now he looks a little more ruff even!...but on the plus side his eating and his color is looking much more white vs the pink tinge he was. He doesn't quite know what to make of my gelfood...But he is eating atleast and swimming actively
  10. i also feel like buying them only contributes to wal-mart buying more to stick in there =( if nobody bought them they might discontinue to carry fish...But he looked so horribly desperate...I really hope he recovers to...though my 165 gallon pond is a bit small for a koi...I don't trust my 300 gallon stock tank set up since my issue last summer even though that would be the perfect size for him.
  11. Do you still raise Blue Egg Phoenix ? its sort of the HOLY GRAIL of fish for me
  12. I usually feed my babys every few hours, I think every 4 hours feeding is whats recommended ..they might not quite be getting enough to eat? especially if your keep it extra clean nothing for them to nibble on
  13. can you fill out your water parameters and the filtration and waterchanges..thats the best method to help us figure out what might be causing it =)
  14. So as I have mentioned before my BF works at Wal-mart and has already tried talking to management about how they keep the fish, =( earlier in the sping about a month ago they got a shipment of probably 7 or 8 inch koi...almost a dozen seriously crammed in a 20 gallon long...all of them sold or died and there was only this one black and white one left. I am there a lot since my BF works there and I have pets and 3 kids...anyway I watched this black an white shiny koi turn to clamped fins and almost red lines over his whole body...at some point his tail wacked against something and he got a piece of plastic stuck in him and it opened a sore and really started looking icky. For almost the last two weeks everytime I went in there he was swimming as hard as he could against the left side of the fishtank constantly trying to get out... Last night I went in and the other comets they had crammed in there with him were trying to eat him and he still wasnt doing anything other than swimming his hardest against the tank wall trying to get out. I finally couldnt handle it and I bought him...17.00 for a large koi and asked the guy scooping them how long the guarantee was. 1 day he says ...there only fish pfft. I was pissed. I moved my other tiny petsmart rescues to a 20 gallon storage tub and put him into the 45...to small for a koi really =( but im treating him with salt and prazi right now. Took a pliers and pulled out the plastic stuck in his back fin =( ...I feel better that he has calmed down...isnt swimming against the glass. But somehow I feel like I just continued to support walmarts mistreatment of fish.... Here is a pic showing how his whole body is red streaked or stained red...the open sore from the plastic I pulled out and even more worrisome is his blood colored stool =( ...if he recovers it will be a miracle I think.
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