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  1. Thanks Red, I appreciate that. Shes a good girl.
  2. The tank was really filthy earlier today, so my son and I did a overhaul, including water change, the vacuuming and scrubbed everything afterwards.
  3. Its been a long road to get here, but I couldnt have done it wihout the excellent advise I got from Kokos.
  4. New lights: Freshly cleaned:
  5. Sorry about CHUNK, dont Euthanize him, let him fight the good fight. I would try to force feed him. I really hope he does a turnaround.
  6. LOL.. perhaps we can team him up with pork chop once HE gets his undergarments on and we can make some $$ being their managers!! LOVE IT!!!! Porkchop lol
  7. Besides all the negatives, she has a pretty nice collection there, and barebottom. =)
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