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  1. WHat's the best food for wen growth? I'm currently Using Hikari Lionhead (or Hikari Ranchu if you read Japanese).
  2. Yeah, I've always had just backgrounds that tape to the back of the tank. I've found that plain ones always look best.
  3. I think so. I got Tetra Easy Balance which I was told would do the job. :\
  4. I've been doing regular water changes (once every two or three days) of 50%. I've bought something that stabilizes the pH and reduces nitrate/nitrite, and I've been using Nutrafin Cycle every time I change the water (as well as Stress Coat + which de-stresses the fish and gets rid of chlorine) and yet they still have blood in their fins and I'm still getting a reading of 1mg/l of Nitrite and about 6.6 pH. Admitedly they're swimming around more (but only when the filter current is super low). I just don;t know what else to do!
  5. Thanks guys. My sister is very pleased with him.
  6. Great looking pair. They look like happy chappies.
  7. Blood streaks seem to be egtting better, slowly, and they are swimming around more. But worringly I found a small hole in Pontos' tail this morning. It's tiny, as if someone had stuck a pin through her tail. Any ideas what it could be? I'm getting worried again.
  8. This is my sister's fish, Bobby Wiggles. He looks like a fan tail I know, but even though he's only a couple of CMs long we can already see a little bit of wen growth so it looks like we've got a cute little oranda on our hands. (^_^)
  9. This thread is very interesting to look at. Here's my contribution: A few months ago and now:
  10. I've very recently bought the Fluval U4 (which is basicaly a bigger version of the U3) and have to say it's the best filter I've ever had. Ok, it's a little (sometimes alot) noisy, but I'm already getting used to it and it makes up for this by having LOADS of different settings.
  11. Well, I bought the tank itself from Pets at Home; the gravel and plant from a local fish shop, and the ornament was from Dobbies. Thank you.
  12. I woke up this morning to find, in the tank, the longest poo I've ever seen. It was huge! Part of it was 'solid' brown, part was brown and seemed tightly helixed, part was clear, part was clear with bubbles and part was light brown with a transparent film. Honestly, it must have been atleast 4 or 5 times the length of even my biggest fish. There was also another very long poo that was tightly helixical hanging on the plant. There was nothing I could do at the time (I had to get to work) but i did notice that the blood/prominent red vains in Dizzy's tail seemed much less so (to the point that I struggled to see them whilst he was moving about). What do you think? This suggests, to my untrained eye, that they may have some digestive problems; and that could be the cause of the stress that lead to bloody fins? I was thinking of doing another 50% water change tonight when I get home and then plop in a few peas which I believe are good at "clearing out" goldfish.
  13. So this is a bit odd. I woke up in the middle of last night to find Dizzy (the poorly ranchu) chasing Pontos (the poorly pearlscale) around the tank in that way like he wants to mate with her. This is a good sign right? He must be feeling a little better if he wants to do... that.
  14. In the first pic I'd say its back is too straight to be a ranchu, but then in the second picture it looks more bent. Hmm. Lionchu maybe?
  15. I'm saying Ryukin, and a cute one to boot!
  16. As requested, a full tank shot... ah ha, just kiddin', here it is as of this morning:
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