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  1. After reading a bit more and feeling a little bit less overwhelmed I've realised my ideas are probably way too complicated and it would be simpler to just set up the 10 gallon, cycle, and just transport the tank and fish to and fro. This would only be done max 4x and hopefully with enough bags, space and tank water the move wouldn't be too stressful. However, if this still looks like it would be too stressful feel free to say .
  2. I've missed this place so much. I wasn't able to keep fish throughout my undergrad year but have confirmed I'm okay to keep a 10 gallon tank in my new accommodation from September and I'm so excited! The tank will be tropical and I have quite a few questions despite lots of googling, so any help would be much appreciated! Firstly, the complication of holidays has been difficult to try and work out. My tentative plan is below, but any suggestions/criticisms are very welcome. 1. Set up large 20 gallon tank (permanently at home, cant bring with me) with extra media and cycle. 2. Once cycled, use extra media to seed the new 10 gallon tank. I'm not sure how to transport this media however - it's a 2 hour drive to my accommodation and I'm not sure if simply keeping it in a bucket of water is sufficient? 3. Set up new tank in accommodation, using the borrowed media to seed. However, I'm not 100% sure how quick this process is. If it isn't instant, I imagine I would have to delay getting fish until I have set this tank up and not once my big tank is cycled like I originally thought (I was just hoping to keep the fish there for a few months until it was ready to move). 4. When moving home for holidays etc., transport the 10 gallon's media and fish into the big tank at home, which will be kept cycled by adding ammonia or fish food daily providing my parents are okay with doing this! (I'm not 100% certain how much of these to use to keep a cycle going - I've heard about 1-2 drops of ammonia/a pinch of flakes daily?). 5. Repeat step 2 when returning to uni. Also causing me a headache is how to stock the tank. I've been looking around and searching fish profiles etc. but there's so much conflict in information! Below is what I was thinking of doing, but it's definitely subject to change if necessary. 1 x Honey Gourami 6 x Neon/Ember/Pretty/Pristella/Glowlight/Cochu's Blue Tetra (i.e. I haven't quite decided which one of these to get, but I'm under the impression all have similar maximum sizes and needs). 4 x Pygmy Cories In terms of decor, I believe they all require heavily planted, and the cories may need algae growth but I'm not sure how much. Any plant suggestions would be great, as I'm really not well versed on plants at all and slightly scared to start looking! Apologies for the vast amount of text and questions, but anyone can spare any suggestions or help I would appreciate it so much. Thanks .
  3. Sorry for taking ages to reply! Thanks so much for all your advice and kind words everyone - I really appreciate it and it gives me a lot more confidence to try again. I'll definitely use the bleach solution idea and thanks for the suggestion for the tubes Fang I'll try that and if it somehow doesn't work or I'm too paranoid I'll go with your idea Geeros! And I'll do my best at attempting a fishless cycle afterwards - thanks for all the advice for that . I won't be able to start up the tank for a while having just started university but I'll start the cleaning when I come home for Christmas and either start the fishless cycle then or at Easter. Again, thanks everyone - it really does help . Finally looking forward to having fish again!
  4. Some people might remember but I lost my two goldfish Rusty and Lily to dropsy nearly two and three months ago. I still miss them so much and I still feel guilty about things I could maybe have done better but I'm starting to realise that despite how much it hurt to lose them, I am really glad I got to look after them and watch them grow even if it was only for a short period of time. I'll never forget them. I'd also like to thank everyone again who helped me try to treat them and for your support when I felt hopeless - you guys are amazing. In terms of the topic title, I'm not quite ready yet to set up the tank again but I'd just like to know, for future reference, the best way to do this. The tank is 20 gallons (which I now realise was too small for two goldfish - one of the many things I feel bad about!) and whilst I've attempted to sterilise everything i.e. the glass, filter and filter compartments, and the filter tubing with animal safe sterilising solution I haven't been able to clean the tubes fully (need a longer tube cleaner) and I'm not certain they're cleaned enough still. If I were to use the tank again I presume I'd have to somehow clean it more thoroughly, then cycle (which I have no experience with but there seems to be some really helpful articles on the forum to look at), and I'm not sure what else. I'd just really like to get it perfect if that makes sense! as I made a lot of mistakes last time and I feel that these really hindered my goldfishes' chance of survival. So yes, any tips, advice or links to helpful information about setting up a new tank, cleaning, and just general maintenance would be really appreciated . I'm also open to the idea of getting a larger tank if that helps (though not too large as it would be on the second floor unfortunately). I'd just really like to do a lot better next time. Sorry if my writing isn't very organised! and thanks again for any help .
  5. Thanks everyone. I'm so upset and going to miss him so much but I'm really glad he won't be suffering anymore. I'll never forget him. Silverfish - thanks for the link, I'll keep that safe.
  6. He's gone. RIP little guy. Thanks again everyone, for everything.
  7. I really wish I had good news but sadly I don't. Rusty is in a really bad way. He's been on and off for months and yesterday he became really weak and has been in the 'C' shape ever since. He flickers every now and then but I'm not very hopeful. In a way, I'm kind of relieved - he's been fighting this for so long and I just want him to to be out of his suffering. I'm posting mainly to ask how I can make him comfortable I guess. I've decreased the filter/bubble flow and reduced the water level so he's not being pushed around the tank and I'm keeping the lights off but I'm not sure what else to do. I just want him to be comfortable and not in pain - it's so hard seeing him this way. Thanks for all your help - everyone has been amazing, right from the very start.
  8. They are all stunning . Absolutely amazing photos too - I love how vibrant the colours are. Thanks for sharing them with us .
  9. Thank you! Just a little update to say that Rusty is still doing great - scales are flat and he's active and eating well. It's really nice to see him so healthy. One big indicator that he's perked up is that he's following me again - he just wasn't interested before and didn't want to make the effort, but now he's back to trying to chew off my fingers every time I put them in the tank and begging for food every time I come close. I'm so glad for the little guy . I've stopped the epsom (been 8 days) but will continue metro for the 14. I've also taken out the internal filter to see how it goes! Thanks for reading .
  10. Thanks for all your advice! Rusty is doing really well. I'm confused as to how he can recover so fast but yeah, he's doing great which is really nice! Federica: he was fully pineconed - worst he has ever been. I was convinced I was going to lose him yet he's recovered so quickly. I am rather worried that is going to be a permenant problem however so I'm going to stick with waterchanges at least every two days rather than twice a week once I've finished metro/epsom. Also, that's interesting about the filter! The water seems really clean at the moment actually - it could have been things simply getting trapped behind the rocks/in the plants. I will keep an eye on it however and remove it if the problem comes back. I'm just a bit wary of only having one filter incase one breaks, and the JBL always needs monitoring incase it stops for some reason (still figuring it out!). Thanks again everyone .
  11. Thanks again for the quick reply and advice! The Tetra filter has only sponges, which I've cleaned in tank water, as well as the filter body which was a bit gunky. The JBL filter has four compartments - 3 with sponge and 1 with ceramic noodles. The top sponge one is the 'pre-filter' and the manual said to clean only that one regularly, with the others only needing cleaning every 6 months (6-12 months for noodles) - so I only cleaned that one. It was pretty clean - not much came out compared to the gunky Tetra filter. Do you think I should clean the sponges underneath as well? i.e. those that the manual says to clean every 6 months. I've also taken out the rocks and plants and placed them in a bowl. Regarding your questions, the rock was said (by a store employee - I can only hope they're trustworthy but these are the same people who recommend Aquarium Salt for dropsy so who knows!) not to affect water chemistry and I did the vinegar test with positive results (i.e. no fizzing). I also sterilised the rocks (and plants and Tetra filter before moving them back into the main tank from Lily's QT tub) in a solution my mum (who works at a vets) brought home. It's an animal safe steriliser and they use it all the time at the vets so I figured it would be good to use! Also, the plants were regularly moved (each waterchange) so that I could siphon any debris under them. I've done a 70% waterchange as well and the tank looks wonderfully clean and sparkly but very bare hehe. Do you think it would be okay to get a plastic plant to entertain Rusty for the time being or should I not risk it? Also, I'm going to look online for one of those 'little rippers' (that made me laugh hehe) and try and figure out whether I can get another airpump. Thanks for reading ^^.
  12. Thanks for replying so quickly! I've added the epsom and turned the heater up to 80F so hopefully the tank will reach that temp soon. I'm not sure how soon I can get an extra pump - running low on funds and space (plug wise) - but I'll look into it and try my best . There's no carbon in the filter. Thanks for the advice on the filters. I guess I'm just worried about disturbing them and their cycle and making things worse! I'm especially fearful of the JBL as I'm not really sure how to clean it. I'll have a look at the manuals and try to worry a bit less. So should I take out the filter sponges (from the Tetra IN600 specifically) and clean them? along with the top compartment of the tank and somehow, the sponges inside the JBL? I don't have anything to clean the hoses with and I'm a little bit worried about getting water everywhere if I tried but if anyone has any advice on how to do this I'll have a go. Oh, I'll try and feed him more regularly! (he'll love that) I guess I was worried about increasing his bloatedness by feeding him too much. I'll make sure he gets daily waterchanges too - I really need to get my act together with that! I just kind of lost motivation and felt hopeless for a while, but I know that's not a good enough excuse! Rusty has been on the metro for two days consistently and he was on it previously for 21 days (about a month ago).
  13. Thanks so much for checking in - it really does mean a lot. I'll do my best to answer the questions. Stats [0ppm]Ammonia Level? [0ppm]Nitrite Level? [0ppm]Nitrate level? [7.4-7.6]Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? [7.2-7.4]Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)? [API Freshwater Master Test Kit]Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? [77F]Water temperature? [20, a year and 1 month]Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? [JBL CristalProfi e900: 900lph (litres per hour) TetraTec IN600: 300-600lph (currently around 300lph)]What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? [Daily or every two days, 40-50%]How often do you change the water and how much? [Yesterday, 40%]How many days ago was the last water change and how much? [1, around 6cm in length including tail]How many fish in the tank and their size? [Seachem Prime (finally got some - it smells terrible!)]What kind of water additives or conditioners? [Tetra Goldfish w/ metro, two/three times a day]What do you feed your fish and how often? [No]Any new fish added to the tank? [No, other than metro in food]Any medications added to the tank? [Varying bloatedness and raised scales, currently quite well]Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? [If scales are well raised - difficulty in swimming and very bloated. When well - still not 100% at swimming]Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? Feel free to ask for any other stats/parameters. Videos Tank Setup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jXNlIYqrpA In the video I've tried to show the different parts of the setup, though I'm not sure how well I've done that hehe. Firstly, you can see the main filter (the JBL e900) and the airpump (Tetra APS300). Next shown is the smaller filter and its position (the Tetra IN600). I've then tried to show how the main filter is set up - the output flows into the top compartment of the tank and then into the tank water. There's a bag of crushed coral in there as well. Next is the layout of the tank and the ornaments - as you can see, the plants are slowly becoming a sad mess . The rocks have quite a bit of algae on them (algae grows horribly quick on the walls etc. but I try to remove it each waterchange). Rusty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toD6RbDWAhA&feature=youtube_gdata A quick video of Rusty and how he seems pretty well at the moment despite being really dropsied only a few days ago. It's all rather confusing! So yes, feel free to ask for more videos too . Notes Here I'm just going to write down things that may possibly be important for Rusty's diagnosis. Both filters have not been altered/cleaned in at least a month or two. I'm too scared to mess around with them. The main filter (the JBL) has had a few problems - if I reduce the flow rate too much, it won't fill the top compartment and stops flowing into the tank. There's a lot of debris in the tank before each waterchange and I'm not sure why. I remove it by siphoning but I'm confused as to why it doesn't all get sucked up by the filters. Rusty is on day two of the metro (had a hiccup with the first few days of treatment so I'm not going to consider those). As mentioned before, algae grows on the walls really quickly (the green kind). I don't think that's a problem but thought I'd mention just incase! There is no epsom in the water currently. I'm just not sure whether to use it or not, so I'd really appreciate any opinions on that . I hope that's everything covered but if not, please ask . Thanks so much for reading.
  14. Rusty is still here and, suprisingly, doing really well. I'm pretty confused. He will have a day when he's floaty and his scales are protruding and he looks awful, and then his scales will flatten and he's fine again. He's still eating well, but I'm just so confused about what's happening to him. Could it just be varying stages of bloatedness that affect his scales? I don't want to get my hopes up but I'm glad he's doing well for now. Thanks for reading and for any input .
  15. Thanks so much for all your support and dnalex, thank you - your words are really kind and mean a lot . I'll try and update when I can. Again, thanks so much everyone .
  16. claire_uk: thanks so much for the kind words and offer . I'll keep that in mind. Just a little update on Rusty. Sadly it's not a good one. He was doing really well for a while but the dropsy has come back and is worse than before. I've restarted the metro food, have put the heater back in, will put the epsom in soon, and my mum is hopefully going to bring back some baytril soon which I'm really grateful for. Honestly, I'm not feeling optimistic at all. I'm so sad for him and that he has to go through this, but I'm just really hoping he's comfortable and isn't hurting too bad. I don't really know if I can handle goldfish hehe none have lasted more than two years. Thanks so much for all your advice and support throughout this thread - it has been really helpful and I really appreciate it. EDIT: I forgot to add - water changes have been 50% at least two/three times a week, but will now be daily again. Parameters have been fine when checking periodically (i.e. 7.5/0/0/0).
  17. What a pretty betta . She's lovely ^^.
  18. I am so sorry . You were wonderful with him and tried your very best - don't forget that. RIP Bruce.
  19. Thank you I'm really glad he's doing so well too! and hehe I could put more media in but it costs a lot replacing it all the time! I will definitely consider it though ^^. Thanks .
  20. Wow. What an amazing tank! it's absolutely beautiful. You must be so excited! Your fish are incredibly lucky .
  21. Thank you I really hope he'll be alright. It's definitely going to be an ongoing battle but he's a tough little guy so he should be okay . I have wondered if the current is too high. There's definitely a lot of surface agitation in that one corner where the new filter's water enters the tank - enough to create mini waves ^^". I've made a little video to show what I mean and also to show the filter set up and why I can't install a spraybar hehe. Oh and one of our cats Smudge was sleeping on the bed so I thought I'd include a little shot of her too . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r2yHWKa3Gs&feature=youtube_gdata So yes, any suggestions are really welcome and I can turn down the current if you think I should ^^. Thanks .
  22. Quick update on Rusty! He's doing great . He's active, eating and his scales are all good. Water changes are still frequent and meds will be continued until Friday at which point he'll have had 21 days of metro. I'm a bit nervous about stopping the course but he can't be on it forever! hopefully he'll stay well. Just in case - when's the earliest I could restart the meds if he needed it? He gave me quite a scare a few days ago though - me and my mum couldn't find him anywhere and I was beginning to panic he'd been somehow sucked up by the filter (which is impossible but I was panicking ) until we found him hiding behind the big rock in the corner. I'm just really hoping he was indeed hiding and didn't get stuck. Gosh does he make me worry . So yes, he's doing really well and hopefully he'll continue to do so . Thanks again for all your support and advice - I really appreciate it ^^.
  23. I'm so sorry . You are doing your very best though and are keeping him comfortable which will be wonderful for him. Hang in there.
  24. It made me so happy reading this! what an amazing home for those fish. You're doing a wonderful thing . What a beautiful pond too - I can only dream of one like that! amazing ^^.
  25. I understand you about your parents thinking you're a little crazy (mine do too) but it's good that they at least care for Bruce . I'm really sorry he isn't doing great but again, you're doing the very best you can do for him. Hang in there and best of luck .
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