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  1. I've been meaning to share this story with people who would understand how happy it made me. So, I recently got a nice little crowntail boy who's living in a 6.6 gallon tank in my dorm. Would have loved a goldfish, but a betta was really the best choice possible. I made the mistake of letting my friends name him, so he's been christened Honey Boo Boo. :roll: I bought Boo at a Petco the day before I came to college, so I showed up to my dorm on the first day toting him in one of those little death trap cups. The students working the check-in were immediately like "fish! He's cute!" And then immediately proceeded to tell me that the cup could, under no circumstances, make a good home for a betta. I reassured them that his tank was going to be set up momentarily. Later, when I was in the process of doing just that, another staffer poked her head in the open door and made sure that his silk plants weren't plastic that could hurt his fins. Needless to say, I was a very happy fish lover! It's nice to meet people who really care. Just wanted to share the experience.
  2. I haven't! Just moved and I don't have fishy things over here that would be appropriate. I'm plotting. There's a ten gallon with this fish's nonexistent name all over it.
  3. So, some of you might remember me, but probably not. I used to post around here, was never particularly great or talented with goldfish (I kept getting feeder fish who were terribly ill, I'm inexperienced, etc. etc.), and then decided to stop keeping goldies after losing my beloved new fish, Flux, following last summer's hurricane. He was just starting to get better when the storm hit. He was at one place, I was hunkered down somewhere else, and when the power went off, he just didn't make it. I was pretty ripped up. I loved that fish. This is Flux: So I'm grabbing things for my dog, poking around in an entirely different store, when I see (link is a video, if that's a problem for anyone.)He's like Flux's long-lost twin, or something. I remember some people thought that Flux was pretty cool when I first posted him, so I figured I'd share for, you know, the good of the forum. not because I need any hardcore enabling or anything.
  4. I haven't been on here in forever, but I live in Connecticut. When I move in May I'm going to have a pond, so I've been thinking about getting single-tails to transfer over then. Maybe we can talk?
  5. I still lurk occasionally and I don't have goldies. Can't handle the heartbreak and I'm going to college in less than a year anyway. I'll just continue admiring from afar, I suppose.
  6. We just lost power because of Irene and Flux is at dirge's alone...he hasn't had a water change in a while. Will he be okay? So worried. No one can check on him until the hurricane passes because dirge is with me...I'm worried. OmO
  7. Bahahaha! I don't think he'd like that but I am paranoid...so thanks. :3 I'm sure it'll be okay
  8. Gil


    @Koko: I could totally see you ninjaing in for a fish! bahahaha All mine! You can't have! @Mjbubbles: Hahaha! That actually would have been a really cute basis for his name... @Everyone: Thanks for the compliments! Flux says thanks too!
  9. So I have to get Flux back from Dirge's. I only live two streets away so I'm not going to buy any manual air pumps or anything. I have a fish bag from Petco and I also have the bucket but I'm a little leery of it since it had a book marinate in it while I slept xDDD What do you guys think is best? Also, will my BBs be okay if I just keep them in water for the maybe 30 minutes it'll take to set up the tank at my place? Anything else I should be thinking about?
  10. Here's a video: His eyes like...move with the sacs. It's really weird-looking. Hope it's just a genetic problem like Midnight thought...
  11. So Dirge and I use this site and someone posted a picture of their "bubble eye goldfish." like...why does it look like that? Is something wrong with it? I thought it was just a cool decoration at first, like a paper goldfish or something but...
  12. Gil


    I was actually thinking that. Wanted to ask that question but without upsetting you. I'm pretty new here and I do not know who is sensitive and who isn't.. Stunted or not, I like him... Do you accept Paypal? Will you ship to Houston? I've been wondering about it. But he's still really cute! I'm hoping his little eye globes keep growing with him...or something. Regardless he's my li'l guy. :3
  13. Gil


    Thank you so much, everyone! You're making Flux blush. @Ranchudressing: I know! Weird Petco fish. @Captain Findus Goldfish: Thanks, I lowered it and he seems to have perked up. Do you guys think he could be stunted? Since he's got quite the big wen and fins...just a thought :0
  14. I've heard people talk about floating a slower fish in a collander to make sure all the fish get their fair share. Just a thought, I'm sure other people know much more about the matter than I do.
  15. Isn't he cute?! :3 He doesn't go very far up in the tank very often, but he is rather active.
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