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  1. What a beautiful tank! I'm just picturing it full of plants and driftwood and lots of little colourful fish flitting around. Stunning!
  2. I bought this book a week ago and it arrived today and I'm really impressed so I decided to share. http://www.amazon.com/Encyclopedia-Aquarium-Pond-David-Alderton/dp/0756609410/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1288214163&sr=1-1 It's not goldie specific but I think it has everything. Atleast a BIT of everything. The photos are amazing, from lists and lists of plants to how to build a pond. Anyway, I'm about to jump into bed with a cup of tea and this new book.
  3. Such little cuties! : They must think they're in the ocean!
  4. Is it a bare bottom tank? I put a large marble in one day for no reason and everytime I look it's in a different place! They love pushing it around, it might have something to do with the sound as well. BUBBLES! My silly little fish love playing in the bubbles. I imagine it feels like being tickled.
  5. Can any one give me directions to find the contest?
  6. What a wonderful thing for you and your man to share! The set up will be so much fun. Plant and decor shopping! Congratualtions, it's a beautiful tank. I'm really jealous...
  7. I love Walter! But he's been Heratio for two days now. Heratio Nelson, Heratio Hornblower. My friend said I should call him Admiral Akbar ! : I wish I could cuddle my fish.
  8. Hmmm, Goldfish with Star Wars names... What a good idea. Next big tank will be star wars themed and so will the fishies! My boyfriend and I can bond! Beautiful little fishies! I love Chedder head
  9. This is my darling little Oranda. He still needs a name... I want it to start with a "h". Like Heratio, or Harold, or Henry... That flash of colour in the front, that's Juan, I call him the unloved child. Forced adoption but he's seriously grown on us. An update on Marjory She didn't like our new boy very much and I was so worried but they've settled and seem to be friends now. And finally the tank:
  10. How big is the shubunkin? 'Cause as far as I know single tail fish are faster and therefore become "nippers". If yours is as small as mine you have a serioulsy ballsy shubunkin.
  11. Never mind guys, I walked into the louge this morning and he was dead. I think there must have been something wrong with him. But I'll load pics of of set up later, see if that contibuted anything.
  12. I also tried freeze dried blood worms, not interested. He's got a plant to hide in/play in/ explore. Getting paid tomorrow so going to try get him a hidey hole/cave/ pot.
  13. I'd say it's about 2 gal. No filter, has got a heater. No tank lights but it's in the lounge so gets a fair amount of natural light as well as when we're up at night. He doesn't react to me, he looks at me with what I feel is disdain. As for food, I fed him a couple of soaked pellets of "Sanyu Betta Gold" and he wasn't interested so I though it might be "moving stress"...
  14. Ghengis is new, I've had him about 3 days now. The first hour or two he explored his tank and plant, but for the last 2 days he just sits at the surface. He doesn't seem to be gasping for breath, he sits near to the heater but the tank is now at 75 F. There are bubbles around the edges of the tank (that he's blown). That's why I wonder, bubbles = happy betta, so is he just really chilled?
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