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  1. I read that butt-up was because of intestinal gas, cos Dumpling and Peaches were both doing it. Both of them had the tips of their backs above the water line. For both of them, it went away after a while. In Dumpling's case, his pineconing probably had something to do with it; when his scales started to flatten, he started to float more normally. Peaches was sorted out with a couple of day's worth of peas. Will be switching them to gel food, I suspect the commercial food isn't helping much.
  2. I live in an apartment 2 storeys up. So I decided one day to buy a 30' garden hose, 1/2" diameter, and attached it to my gravel vac (which has a hand pump attached). Fits like a glove. Nowadays I just throw the hose end out of the window, it'll just about reach the garden on the ground floor. The hose is clamped to the window of my apartment so it doesn't completely get chucked out. I then vacuum as normal, it just takes a bit more pumping to get the gravel vac started. Once it starts, there's 25' of siphon level difference, so the vacuum seems a bit more powerful (would it, really? or is is dependent on the diameter of the hose involved?) and it works like magic. Takes 5 minutes to remove 40% of a 29g tank.
  3. Marcus, my oranda does the exact same thing, surfaces, gulps, chews and spits. Immediately after eating. I sometimes see him rolling a bubble of air in his mouth. Tonight's poo (for a 1" bodylength fish) has 2cm of solid poo followed by a big air bubble and a thinner strand of poo. He's just finished week 4 of PraziPro. And I have no idea why he does it, maybe it's to balance out buoyancy.
  4. I find that Hikari Lionhead expands a bit, kinda like 1.5x to 2x the original size when soaked. I always try soaking out new food for half and hour or an hour to see how big and mushy they get. My anti-parasite pellets from GF Utopia expands like mad, even more than the Lionhead. So what I'm using now is the New Life Spectrum Thera-A 2mm pellets, which the goldies love. After half an hour, there is nearly no expansion to the pellet, it kinda breaks apart in a messy mush instead. So I normally soak for maybe a minute before feeding them, and seeing as how they don't expand, I'm thinking they're not going to cause any expansion in my goldies either. Would that be right? And they're chockful of garlic. Federica, why don't you A/B the pellets, soak bothe the saki-hikari and lionhead at the same time, and see how much they expand. The difference might be what's causing the floaties.
  5. What if you cut the end off a syringe so as to make a slightly bigger opening, load it up with freshly made gel food, and squirt that into cold water? Wouldn't the end result be a long thin strand of gel which can be cut into goldie-friendly sizes?
  6. You guys are basically the same colour as mine, and the edge of his scales has some color variation as it gets a bit darker where they overlap. From the side, they look slightly raised, but from the top, they look fine. Very tricky. My eyes went all crossed trying to focus on them haha. Basically, when viewed from the top, if there is no gap between the edge of the scale and the scale immediately underneath it, it's not pineconing. I watched recently as Noodles pineconed, and he's a very small 1" bodylength fish, the gap developed over a couple of days as the scales started to stick out more and more. Where they would follow the curve of his rear to meet at his tail, the scales began to raise ever so slightly, and from the side, it's harder to detect. However, from the top, the edges became visibly detached from the adjoining scale, and even though I noticed it on the first day, it was a bit too late for Noodles. The initial point where the scales start to raise is really hard to detect with small fish, and I watch Dumpling very closely every day to make sure that his are fine. Edited becos my speling badd.
  7. Very good idea. Cement blocks have a ridiculous level of compressive strength. Looks like something that can be put together for a few bucks, in a few minutes, and would last far far longer than any MDF stand (which really basically is regular furniture with the addition of a central column and a couple of brackets).
  8. Thanks for you help, Trinket. Appreciate it. I was very surprised to see Dumpling sit by Noodles, he nudged right in next to him. They've been tank buddies since the LFS, so it must've been sad for Dumpling to see his buddy unwell. I understand your concern about the meds, I wasn't aware of it before. Now that I am, I will take extra care. I've moved Dumpling onto the NLS Thera A food, the one with garlic, to help him out a bit, and will give him peas tonight. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for your kind words. I noticed something before I moved Noodles out to the hospital tank. He was bottom sitting on the filter intake side, a few inches from the intake itself. Then before I went to bed I had a peek at them. Dumpling had made his way from the opposite side of the tank, where he normally sleeps floating mid-tank, and had put himself next to Noodles on the bottom, like side-by-side and touching, and stayed there the whole night. Strange. Dumpling's fine tho, whatever caused Noodles to dropsy hasn't seemed to affect Dumpling. He's active, swimming, sleeping mid-tank again, eating... I decided to skip the last Prazi dose and keep the UV on nonstop (even before Prazi it was on for about 8 hours/day). I've also taken him off the AP food just in case, Trinket's comment about second doses and kidney failure had me worried.
  10. Noodles didn't make it. He was a little rocket boy, and would swim all over the tank as fast as he could. He'd do his little hello dance, where he would slowly float up to the surface at the front of the tank, and dive straight down as fast as he could, wiggling away. And he'd do it again and again until he'd be distracted by food. And he taught Dumpling how to do the hello dance too. He was so observant, he'd see me from across the room and perk up. He'd sense my motion and would look up immediately. And he'd be so fast to snatch the food that just a few days ago I was wondering why he kept on missing the pellet and swimming right by it. He was bottom sitting a lot but I didn't really imagine it'll turn out like this so fast. Even last night, a bit more than 24 hours ago, he was snatching up the MediFood I dropped in. He's buried now next to Ponyo and Pumpkin, in the garden under a smaller flowerpot. I'm sorry I couldn't save you, little buddy. Sleep well.
  11. No, not good at all. He's extremely weak now. Floating upside down. It wasn't like this with Ponyo. Ponyo pineconed very suddenly and died shortly after, and never got thinner or floated upside down, but just bottom-sat. Noodles can't seem to hold food in, and spits it out almost immediately. His breathing is strained and he's struggling. I found him next to the sponge filter, maybe it drew him in a bit. He does get swayed by any current, and he doesn't have the strength to fight it
  12. Thanks for helping out, too, Lupin. Just got home, found Noodles on the bottom, upside-down next to the filter. He's struggling, his breathing is shallow. He's really weak, he's having trouble swimming around and cannot right himself. Scales are not as raised anymore, they've gone down a bit, and he looks gaunt. But I fear he may not be able to fight for very much longer Going to move him to a fresh tub of water now.
  13. Remember to shake the Prazi bottle a bit before using it, as per instructions behind. Because I didn't, the first couple of times 0.o
  14. Thanks Trinket. The bad smell is always a bad thing, Ponyo had that before he went and we detected it too late I'll proceed with the MediFood for a 14 day run, and hope he lasts that long. I'll also increase aeration and do 1/4tsp Epsom per 5g of water. The sponge filter has been in their tank for close to a month, so I think there is some BB colonization there to help keep ammo/nitrites down. I will still do 50% daily changes, possibly even 2x 30% daily changes.
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