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  1. I have *major* problems with floatiness in my ranchus especially. I have not found a pellet that doesn't make them floaty, actually. It doesn't matter if I soak them or add them to gel food.... it just doesn't matter. I tried feeding very little only once a day but my non-floaters became thin and everyone's color dulled. I am a huge fan of Soilent Green. I believe our sponsor, Tastyworms sells it. It's slightly expensive but it's definitely worth a shot. It's helped my little bobbers tremendously and their colors have come back Best of luck to you!
  2. He is stunning! And I love your setup It's like a betta palace
  3. LOL! I would also love to see it. Salt dips scare the bejeezes out of me I'll look too...
  4. Thanks guys. It didn't really hit me how sad I am about him until just recently. Darn these fish...
  5. Thank you for the suggestions I actually have a tank full of corys so I think I'm going to put a few in with him and find some tetras at the store. I appreciate the help
  6. I didn't really know where to put this, but I didn't want to put it in the goldfish obituaries. This is just a goodbye to my beautiful discus, Fandango. He was my absolute favorite from the beginning and I lost him yesterday. He was absolutely massive and a serious attention whore. The breeder sent him to my husband and I by accident, he meant to keep him for himself because he was so pretty and correct. He was such a trooper and I already miss him. I hate burying my aquatic friends. Rest in peace, buddy. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you.
  7. I've decided to keep him as I can't guarantee his health. Maybe I'll see what other small tropicals are compatible with discus. Thanks for the replies
  8. Thanks guys And thanks Fang, that's a good idea. He's an ugly little squirt but he's a lot of fun
  9. Hello fish people, As some of you know, I "inherited" a few discus from my husband some time ago. I started with three and now, unfortunately, I'm down to one. The first one died of something mysterious (fine one day, dead the next) and the second one I'm afraid I may have killed with a temperature swing during a water change. He seems totally healthy but I can't guarantee it. I'm not a discus person. I don't even know what kind he/she is. I think I heard my husband say "turk" at one point and he's about 3 1/2" long. He is stunted so (bless his heart) he isn't drop dead gorgeous but he has a lot of personality and does great in groups. He's been pretty stressed since he became the last one. I have no interest in getting more discus because they're so expensive. I think we paid $45-50 for this one as a juvenile approx 2 years ago. I would prefer that he go to a home that already has discus or is planning on getting more. He really needs to be in a school with others. I can meet someone if you're not too far and I MIGHT consider shipping if the home is right. I live in the north Georgia area. The new owner would need to pay for shipping and packaging if you'd like it shipped. This phone picture was taken this morning. His stress bars were not showing before I accidentally took the first picture with the flash on If someone is interested, I can take better pictures with a real camera this evening.
  10. Welcome to the forum! Whatever you decide, if you do get another, QT is always a good idea I look forward to seeing you around!
  11. I'm so incredibly sorry this is happening to Momo. Sending good vibes to you, Alex
  12. What a sweet grumpy guy Happy birthday to your daughter!
  13. Aaah! Bruce is gorgeous! Those colors are fantastic Big congrats Una
  14. Ha! Oh he's so cute! Glad everything went well
  15. Oh man Cindy I'm sorry! Good luck to you and Lucy
  16. Keep an eye on him if you don't mind. It is normal for goldfish to rest every now and then (especially bigger fish - not sure how big Eli is) but sometimes sitting too often can be a sign of flukes, even if they turn on Feed Me Mode as soon as they see activity
  17. What a terrible friend!! You should retaliate by buying her another tank to fill with her own goldfish :rofl
  18. Haha, surprise shrimp! They are cute little buggers. I'm sorry you lost a few
  19. I'm sorry Charly Sending good vibes to your fish
  20. Normally I'd say ranchu but that shukin is adorable!! Look at that face!
  21. Good for you for catching it early Best of luck to your lady :heart
  22. I got lazy and was feeding my ladies pellets instead of the SG for over a week. OJ was seriously floaty, Froyo gulped constantly, and Piccolo... well, she was just Piccolo lol. I switched back to SG a couple days ago and I see a marked improvement in OJ and Froyo. I'm not saying it's a miracle food but my drama queens do really well on it. I feed my discus freeze dried black worms and Meat Pie. It took them a while to realize that food can either float OR sink but they got the hang of it and they love it
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