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  1. Black would be nice, especially with a blue betta
  2. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I love your newbie So stinkin' cute.
  3. Those are some lucky fishies!! I love happy feeder stories
  4. I know! This video is so much fun Your fish are stunners
  5. Haha! Let's hope the monster went to a knowledgeable owner
  6. Oh my goodness, look at that sweet face! Congratulations I'm sure the little cutie will settle in soon.
  7. OH I know! When I bought Froyo, they had probably 6 or 7 massive ryukins. Their mouths looked a little pinched, which I was wary of because I didn't know if that was normal for such a massive fish. Other than that, everything looked very healthy. I was impressed with that store. Sometimes we make a day of it just to window shop Aww, thanks! He's so friendly Thank you! I feel quite lucky He seems really happy. This true! Thank you Thanks GT I hope you're on your way to feeling better Thank you Sakura! I think so too lol Oh yeah, thanks! That makes me feel good and crappy at the same time LOL thanks I was hungry... which is fairly normal (this is why most of my fish are named after food).
  8. Thank you Koko Thanks! I sure do like the little dude Don't fret! I'm sure there will be much photographic evidence to come lol Thank you! I am too
  9. Omg, Alex I should have known. I was like, "What? He should know things like this..." and then I was all
  10. Thank you Tithra He's looking like he might change into a red and white but that's ok, I love those too Fang! You crack me up! Thank you Thanks! I love the eyes, they're almost person-like. We were headed to Aviarium. That's where I got Froyo and I have been super happy with that little fishy. Thanks a bunch! :) Hahaha, I knoooow. The dude was laying it on thick Hehe, thank you Thank you, I appreciate that! Thanks Lisa I never thought about that lol thanks!!
  11. Such adorable little chus You have a good eye!!
  12. Awww, that's sweet We have a lot of big hearts around here I have a tank full of "specials." They are also my iron clads. Nothing phases those guys lol. His adoption face!! That's perfect
  13. I thought so too :) Thanks Gustave! Thank you! It's that darn face lol. Thanks Those eyes... they get me ever time lol. Hehehe, thanks a bunch! It was between Cornbread Muffin and Toast With Butter lol. I'm obviously in need of a snack... Thanks Nina! Right??? Thank you :rofl Ah yes, you're a funny one Elli
  14. Husband and I were going to go to the LFS in Duluth today but thankfully before we got too far, we realized they are closed on Sunday. I really needed some filter pads so we went to the really weird, tiny one in town. I smiled at the tiny fantails and said hello to the guppies. The itsy ryukins were adorable but I'm not in the market for any fancies, anyway. In fact, I told myself (and a few of you here) that I'm sticking to single tails only. From now on. Forever and ever, amen. I picked out a couple nerites and then I saw this bronzey oranda's face. I have NEVER seen a "pick me!" face like this one (it was more than likely just a 'noms pleez?' face, but whatever). The petstore guy came over and told me they have had that little squirt for 2 months now. It came in with a shipment of bright red and whites that sold super quickly but no one gives this one a second glance. (Thanks a lot, petstore man, lay on the sad orphan stories please.) I put my finger on the glass and the little sweetheart tried to nibble me. *sigh* "Bag it up." Welcome to the family, Cornbread Muffin
  15. I don't see popeye here. I could be wrong, but I've dealt with both popeye and a tele with one HUGE eye. The tele is still with me after almost 2 years He's goofy looking but healthy as can be
  16. Your pearlie is just precious I like the tank too! It's almost mysterious in a peaceful kind of way Why can't I be as creative with my QTs?? lol
  17. Yeah the battery powered pumps are pretty cool Hope your power comes back on very soon!
  18. Either way... here you go http://www.kokosgold...-do-you-do-r169 This is kind of extreme but it's good to know. If your filter hangs over the back, you can pour tank water into it every now and then so the water in there doesn't sit stagnant for too long.
  19. Do you have a HOB or a canister filter?
  20. Oh my God, bless her heart Your love for your fish is inspiring, Fang This is very clever.
  21. I second the check valve idea They're super cheap and save lots of pumps and carpets.
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