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  1. I wish I could thank you enough for helping me get the little cutie! I always laugh when I think about how your coworkers deemed him a pregnant female
  2. Haha, thank you!! Darn... one day you'll do it It's fun talking to yourself Thank you so much :heart I love them both. I hope to stay around this time! Thanks! And I know!! I could barely keep the little dude in frame
  3. Nooo! Access denied?? Idk, I made it public... maybe it's still being processed or something. I just published it. I hate to disappoint you, Mr. B, but I still don't have any more discus We have the tank sitting dry in hopes I'll find some discus in need of a home. Bob is good! He's pretty much out of the fish hobby, though. We have a 55 gal tropical tank that is "his" but I do most of the maintenence. Luckily it doesn't require too much
  4. Gorgeous as always, Helen They're all fabulous!! Your pictures are just incredible, if I could just get one shot like yours... *looks at own camera with disappointment*
  5. This video is quite overdue considering I've had the ryu for at least a month and the chu for several days My QTs don't have lights, and any video I took without lighting was just horrible. Sooooo I stole a light from the discus tank for a little update Thanks for watching!
  6. I'm going to need to set up a 30 gal soon. In it, I'm going to put my calico ranchu and (what the pet store employee called) a "blue" oranda. I think she's just a bronzy black. The oranda is currently in a tank with black Tahitian Moon Sand which I LOVE but I don't think the black does much to enhance her color. It looks amazing with my red and whites, though I was looking at this... http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.aspx?sku=1240676 Does anyone know if this "acts" similar to TMS? And why does it say Sand Gravel? Is it just because sand is really fine gravel? Hmm... Thanks in advance for any advice
  7. Thank you!! Ah! Half puppy! Blueberry Puppy XD Hehehe. He makes me smile! Thank you, Alex Thanks a bunch :) Thank you... yeah, I think the name has stuck Noooo! He was on sale for $1.99. I couldn't just leave him there Hahaha thank you Haley!! Our tropical tank is not pretty, which is probably why I haven't shown it off . It's heavily planted (like, borderline out of control) and I let algae grow all over the back. It's also kind of a farm for water lettuce for my RES turtle. It's by far our healthiest tank and I'm pretty sure it's because I don't keep it squeaky clean.
  8. I'll try! I am so bad at posting updated pictures... "Blueberry" is sounding better and better! LOL
  9. I used to buy them big (and I still do sometimes) but I grew a different ryukin and he's gorgeous now! I love to see the changes Hehe. Thank you!! :D Thanks!! So cute!! It looks like the Ryukin I'm trying to save Thank you... and best of luck to your rescue
  10. I kind of want to name him Blueberry but he's not even remotely blue Thanks, girl Hehe. I make completely unnecessary squealing noises every time I walk past the QT Thank you!
  11. Husband was picking out a gourami for the tropical tank at Petsmart and I noticed a "pick me" dance out of the corner of my eye. He's about the size of a blueberry and I'm already in love
  12. I had a red, white, and yellow ranchu before and her yellow faded after a while. I'm no expert by any stretch, but in my experience, yellow is a bit of an unstable color.
  13. Just beautiful ALL of them!! I love pictures of your fish
  14. I'm very sorry to hear about your lionheads I hope this doesn't discourage you too much. Welcome
  15. So, um, this is the happiest little aquatic bugger evar (although Husband says they are quite aggressive) Great thread btw!
  16. Beeeeeeaaautiful baby Oh my gosh, I'm so jealous of that tail. I know you have no way of QTing, so I'm not going to give you a super hard time about it, but sometimes QT is not to protect your current fish from the new one, it's actually protecting the new one from your current one (I speak from experience). With that being said, I can't stop staring at your new addition. I am just in love HUGE congrats!
  17. Fang, Norm is precious Growing out of one measuring device at a time....
  18. Helen, your piggies are sooo precious! Especially Mr. Disabled. I love your videos
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