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  1. Lol beany haha, somehow I don't think so But good thinkin!
  2. Thanks guys I was going to call them Blackfella and Whitefella in qld aboriginal, except I can't find the translation of Blackfella Something will come up eventually!
  3. So I haven't been round much lately.. *smacks self* and in a couple of days I go back to uni, no sleep and just try to remain alive! But today I decided to go on a 'fish shop adventure' as I call it, I like to drag people with me but rarely does anyone come willingly so I end up going alone... I only had 2 goldfish up until now and I downgraded (shock horror!!) to a 60gallon from my 110gallon. I wanted to have a go at a planted tank but I now realise I'll never be able to give up the goldies!! But anywho, I went into my local LFS, the oldest and longest running in Brisbane, which I hadn't been into in, oh I reckon a year or so at least! They had the usual, comets, commons, fantails, tele's, all healthy as always, but they also had a few select black, white and white/red ranchu's!! I've always wanted a white or a black ranchu and today I got to have both! It was like a sign, also the guy serving me was quite a looker Anywho here they are! Each are about 2cm each, compared with my 10cm pearlie! Poor little white fella is missing a couple of scales. Follow the leader! Princess Popsicle gets everywhere! (it's actually a he, but we won't tell him he has a girly name ) Eek!! I also got a free birdy swing with my bag of roudybush and $10 off kitty food! Twas a good spending day!
  4. No I would say if your going to be away for much more than 7 days then try and find someone to help. Also they generally eat plants (I can't keep any form of plant in my tank without it being devoured!), so you chuck a few plants in there they'll probably snack on them.
  5. I'd just leave them, unless you can get someone reliable to do it. I regularly (well not too regularly ) leave my goldies for around 5 days at a time when we go camping, they've always been fine. I just do the normal water change a day before we go (just in case something has happened to the water supply, things have happened before!) and feed normally up until you leave.
  6. That is pretty awful.. we have laws to prevent this from happening! Everything to do with teaching and animals has to go through an ethics committee and they are not light handed! I mean we do some pretty horrible things to animals (dead of course) but they have never suffered under our hands. I agree with Daryl, many people just don't know, or don't realise that they are 'real' live beings and need to be educated a little to what actually happened.
  7. Good job nima!! I hope they get the message! This is one of the reasons I am sooo glad Big Brother has been canned in OZ FOREVER!! *jumps in the air!!* They would always have animals on it in far from ideal situations.
  8. I feel pretty similar peaches, I only have 2 goldies left in my 100gallon tank (as well as mrs bristlenose!) and am at least wanting to scale down, I don't want to get rid of a tank altogether as I find them really soothing. I think I'm going to downgrade to a 120cm tank from my 150. Might change from goldies to some tropicals, try get some plants growing which I've never been able to do because of the goldies.
  9. -30!! wowzer! I'd be more worried about my pond evaporating here in Brisbane than temperature fluctuations
  10. So the piranhas didn't eat the goldie because it had a similar colouring to them? That's pretty cool I agree that goldies will eat anything big enough to fit in their mouths
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