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  1. Wow there alot of changes... great topic. Here are my trio of goldfish... Gonzo(f), Madman(m) and Ghibli(m) when I first got them roughly aged 4mths November 2007.Sorry about the blurry photo it was taken on a mobile phone. And this is them very recently about a month ago... Gonzo(f) Madman(m) Ghibli(m)
  2. Hi shellbell4ever:) Thanks for the welcome!! Jeana727 - These are the parents This is Gonzo the mother... I named her before I found out her sex. And these are the fathers... This one is Ghibli And this is Madman Pontosfan - Thanks I am quite happy spends a couple of minutes each day watching them swim around and eat way too cute!! Celina - Thanks for the tip I will leave koko a comment and see if i can get into contact with her!!
  3. From the little bit I have read on Goldfish genetics... It is way to hard to work out what they will look like, but the thing that is most likely is the body shape of your goldfish. Because the shubunkins body shape is a stronger genetic trait.(Due to the body shape still being the same as the original goldfish) So most will not be fancy (shaped)But some may still be fancy!! Here is a link of what I have been reading about goldfish gentics(if your interested) - http://www.docstoc.com/docs/10876647/Goldfish-Varieties-and-Genetics (You can download it or read online) Good luck with your little babies!!! Cant wait to see pics, to see what they look like!!
  4. Congrats on your little goldfish!!! It's so amasing watching them change and develop. Just wondering how they will turn out.
  5. Anyone know Koko's email address... tried from her profile but Im not allowed. Also I am still a very new member and haven't yet made 200 posts, to be able to PM.
  6. Goldfish fry at 3 weeks!! Goldfish at 1 month and 1 week!!**Please note that they were placed in this glass while I was cleaning their tank.**
  7. Thanks for fixing the picture Hidr- this is my second post.(Guess I will have to look up the 'posting pic's' area of the forum). I was hoping ghibli might be considered a oranda!! Thanks J-pond!! Yeah they were tiny compared to the No fishing sign, devilduck - super cute. I should have written it a bit more clearer the last picture was taken when I first got them, when they were a couple of months old. The first three picture's is of them now at three years old!!
  8. I have 3 goldfish that are 3 years old. I am really curious as to what breed they would be classified as... Any replies are greatly appreciated!!! First up is Madman(M)His developing black spots. But has been white with orange on his head. Next is Ghibli(M)His always been metallic orange, his the boss of the group. Lastly is Gonzo(F)I can tell she is calico, but not sure about her shape etc.. Love calico's their patterns are so random. Here is a pic of when I first got them from the LFS... Thanks again in advance to any replies!!
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