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  1. very beautiful and clean tank. its the look i try to go for in my ranchu/lionhead tank
  2. poor Yen, low quality fish thanks for the replies folks. i appreciate it.
  3. i've always called my yen a ranchu but he doesn't look like a lot of ranchu i've seen floating around the web. he must be a mix of some sort. any guesses? regardless of what he is i still love him to death.
  4. any updates? notice any growth spurts since the move?
  5. The 29gallon during a water change The filtration rena filstar xp3. media= pads, ceramic media, ceramic media Outflow 350 u.s. gallons per hour. Po Chi and Yen getting in the way of my shot One of Yen, my baby Thank You for looking. Yes, my tank's not that exciting but i love it because nothing distracts me from my guys(girls? both?)
  6. love your present tank. minimalism in a tank keeps the focus on the fish, that's what its all about. your babies look fat and happy.
  7. love the theme! its way better than having random decor. i like this tank a lot and i am very opposed to my own tanks having any decor. i guess im a boring guy.
  8. nice tank. very sleek in design, nothing to distract from the beautiful fish inside. that's how i keep my ranchu tank. every consider painting the back of your tank black? with good lighting, your fishes' color will pop!
  9. this is a very interesting thread. i've always been into vintage tanks as i have many vintage fish keeping books. are they difficult to find?
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