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  1. I wouldn't use that tank you had with the gerbils; ammonia can leech out and cause much more harm than good. Many Koko's members have used rubbermaids or large plastic storage bins in a pinch in these situations; I'm certain you can find something 20 gallons or larger that you can put on the floor. Stunted for a goldfish means that the organs will outgrow the body, causing complications which leaves them more vulnerable to internal bacterial infections, swim bladder disorder, constipation etc. Just because they look alright on the outside, doesn't mean everything is healthy on the inside. At Koko's and from my own personal experience, we recommend one 50% temperature matched, treated water changes per week, and 100% clean out per month to avoid bacteria build ups. Goldfish produce a lot of waste, being water pigs, so the 15% is something you see recommended for tropical tanks, not for cold water fish like goldfish. Try not to overfeed, and even if you can't get a larger volume of water for the time being, try to do more frequent water changes and feed lightly to reduce the amount of waster and ammonia produced until you can. Welcome to Koko's hun!
  2. I've already done the same method for bleaching plants with great success, but I was worried that the plants could still harbor some nasty bacteria or microorganisms. Better get it done sooner than later; I find it so hard to clean up the tank after a death. Thank you everyone.
  3. Yeah, I know, long time, no see but the October season is chaos for me since I do make up for two haunted house attractions, and I've been prepping for a month before it started. In between training new employees, trying to get into school, make up artist meetings and keeping all the animals happy and healthy I haven't had much time to spare. Unfortunately, poor George, my crowntail betta suddenly died today while I was at work ; he's been seemingly healthy but he was housed in the same tank as Dr. Jeep who passed away from a latent internal bacterial infection I didn't know he still had . I'm wondering if the bacterial infection spread to George, since I never fully broke down the tank--and now I am going to assume that happened, since he was fed, had w/c regularly, no one sprayed anything around the tank.... I'm planning on nuking everything, but I'm wondering if there's some way to salvage the plants? I have one small java fern left (I don't mind tossing it) but I have a nicely grown out dwarf water lily that I'd hate to lose. You guys think there's anyway to QT the plant and do a light sterilizing treatment? I'd like to put the lily in with my remaining betta--but I don't want to risk contaminating him.
  4. What a handsome boy, and I love the pattern on his tail!
  5. Very pretty crowntail, congratulations! Are you still keeping the condiment theme for names?
  6. Oh very very nice! Their bellies make them look much larger than they really are Females can be such eye candy too.
  7. Wow! I remember Boggles being quite large in the last I saw pictures of him, but he is absolutely huge now! Beautiful single tails as well.
  8. Yes, please keep updates, I've very interested to see if you to propagate the lily successfully, I have one myself.
  9. I'm with Sakura, with the Japanese I know and familiarity with its words phonetically, I think it would normally be ree-you-keen. But perhaps we are forgetting all languages vary from region to region and things are lost in translation. Is it possible that the pronunciation depends on the area's accent and vernacular? I'm no expert in the variations....
  10. Yep, Sakura is right. I couldn't manage to tie my Java ferns down, but they stay happy suspended in the water column as well. I don't think Java ferns do as well in substrate. When I do see them, they are usually browning and melting.
  11. Thank you very much all you that tried to help, and I've learned more from the experience. I think I'll be printing off a few before and after pictures of Doctor Jeep and sending them to the "Animal Science teacher" who allowed him to be in such conditions for so long. Perhaps suggesting not to keep fish in the class room unless part of the syllabus includes aquarium ecology of the nitrogen cycle as well, to prevent misinformation of aquarium fish in general. I'm so disappointed in general because I was hoping to keep Doctor Jeep for much longer than several months. Really hoped I could keep him with me since was seemed to have recovered so well. Thank you again, Susan and Haruka
  12. Yes, he had about 5 inches of water. But Doctor Jeep expired overnight. I ought to add, over careful thinking with his gradual dropsy symptoms developing, I realized that the bacterial infection I had thought I initially cleared up when I first rescued him was probably still there. He didn't have fit rot with a secondary fungal infection. He had an internal bacterial infection for months and went into relapse since it went further untreated, with a secondary fungal infection.
  13. There is one, but it's a 30 minute drive. I'm certainly willing to make it, but it'll have to be after 10 pm since I'm closing Friday and Saturday. My concerns that since he's been so sluggish, he won't be attentive to surface agitation. I'm sure he can make his way up to the top, it's just getting his attention that will be an issue.
  14. Doing often, stable water changes like that can give you an advantage, because you are also removing more that growth hormone consistently often. You will be encouraging faster growth rates in your goldfish that way.
  15. Marlis

    Kinda Grr...

    It is very common put chemicals in the water to keep ammonia in nonlethal levels during shipping or to add light medications as disease preventatives to minimize the chances of the fish contracting something during the stress of shipping. I have been on the site before and remember reading that phrase before, but the anecdote they were using was in regards to tranquilizers; the point of the story was to show that they don't do anything out of ordinary, but perhaps it was poor wording on their behalf. But like Sakura said, it could just be the water conditioner they use. If you feel cheated out of information, you should send them feedback asking about it. You'll have to introduce us to your new bettas, though.
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