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  1. It's a totally unpredictable situation I'm afraid. It's completely dependent on the individual Betta's disposition, and you won't know untill you try. If you choose to do so, I'd start out with Ghost Shrimps for the obvious reason, lol. They'd likely have the best chance at living alongside a Betta as opposed to a Cherry or Crystal Red etc. considering they can blend in better with their environment. I would definitely recommend a heavily planted environment. Not only would it serve as added protection for them, it would provide a stimulating environment for them and their Betta tankmate. Out of all the Bettas I've had, only one got along famously with my Ghosties.

  2. Ha! Look at him flare there in the middle of the video. He's a pretty boy with nice form tithra. I'm not sure what's up with that lump on his side, could be some kind of benign cyst or something if it hasn't grown or affected him in any way thus far.

    Nice tank as well, I'm sure he loves all his live plants in there ;)

  3. No problem at all hun, I just want to do what I can to help if I am able. As for the chunks of his caudal, I guess we're both at a loss then. It could well be just finrot. Tailbiting tends to be tricky to diagnose. Honestly I don't personally suspect it, but I just wanted to bring the possibility up. I'm glad you as well have a Nitrate test kit from API, this is good. I'm uncomfortable with your 10-20ppm Nitrates. They aren't terrible mind you, but evenso it's now proven that they are present. If I were in your position I would continue with w/c's, but if it's possible I would preform them in the least intrusive way possible. In my opinion the tank light is fine for the amount of time you have it on. I was just asking incase you had it on for extended periods of time. Now, on the subject of med treatment, I will unfortunately have to stand back. I'm not familiar with them in general, let alone Maracyn Plus. I have never had to use them in my Betta keeping past, so I don't have the knowledge nor the confidence to speak further on the subject when it concerns treating someone elses fish. I have PM'ed Koko though to hopefully recruit help from other members for you.

  4. Thanks for all the clarification on his past tank setups and environments. The picture lineup was very helpful as well. I'm also glad to hear you're using API drop test kits. Speaking of which, do you have a Nitrate kit? I see you mention Ammonia and Nitrite, but not Nitrate. Anyhow, from his most recent picture, I think I as well can see some improvements, and I've marked the photo to show you where I see them, as well as a area I have a question about: MaracynPlus24hours005-2.jpg

    So # 1 is my area of concern, it almost looks like a whole chunk is missing. Do you suspect any tail biting from him? It's hard to tell if it's shredded from finrot or has clean chunks missing from possible biting behaviour. I myself have never had a tail-biting Betta, so I'm not familiar with it. #2 is the area where I believe I see some healing. Though very minimal, if it is healing that's great nonetheless. With a Betta that has his immune system up to par, he wouldn't really have issues with Finrot. A lowered immune system will leave any fish open to attack by even the most commonly present or easily fought off of pathogens and the like. That being said I would deduce that his case of Finrot was induced from stress which caused his immunity to lower. Do whatever you can at this point to keep him in the environment he's in, as he's been moved around quite a bit. That's stressful for any fish. I would recommend you keep up with his water changes for now, as I don't know if you have a Nitrate test kit yet. If you happen to have one and his Nitrate params check out fine, I will say you can back off on the water changes, as in theory those cause stress as well. Does he have lights on his tank at the moment? If so, about how long do you leave them on? And you mentioned he's terribly picky about his food yes? By the way, if you can, bump up his heat to 80F even. Do you have access to IAL (Indian Almond Leaves/Terminalia catappa)?

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