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  1. The Baby Tears look like they're so healthy tithra, why do you expect them to die? 'Looks good. I hope your moss wall works out for you, that would be really neat! You've got a nice looking PK boy btw.
  2. It's a totally unpredictable situation I'm afraid. It's completely dependent on the individual Betta's disposition, and you won't know untill you try. If you choose to do so, I'd start out with Ghost Shrimps for the obvious reason, lol. They'd likely have the best chance at living alongside a Betta as opposed to a Cherry or Crystal Red etc. considering they can blend in better with their environment. I would definitely recommend a heavily planted environment. Not only would it serve as added protection for them, it would provide a stimulating environment for them and their Betta tankmate. Out of all the Bettas I've had, only one got along famously with my Ghosties.
  3. Nice timeline Fang! His eyes are indeed large. Thanks for sharing with us
  4. Beautiful, I just love your Angels
  5. Nice snag there rlw, I remember him as well! Congrats and thanks for sharing
  6. I as well love the simplicity of your goldies aquariums, very nice! I hope the bamboo works out for you with the broadtails - thanks for sharing
  7. Congratulations on the growth of your 'Chu! It's quite exciting when you're able to document it and really see the results. Great work and thanks for sharing
  8. Sorry for your loss Rai What a shame. But all your other goldies are looking well! My favorite is still Julie, I'm really liking her current look, but she's going to look just lovely when all white.
  9. Nice looking boy, thanks for sharing him with us!
  10. Ha! Look at him flare there in the middle of the video. He's a pretty boy with nice form tithra. I'm not sure what's up with that lump on his side, could be some kind of benign cyst or something if it hasn't grown or affected him in any way thus far. Nice tank as well, I'm sure he loves all his live plants in there
  11. Lol, "He's cool, he's with me" Too cute Chrissy! I'm glad they're both hitting it off so well
  12. Penny seems to like her new friend! It's cute how she follows him around here and there. Prince is a character, watching the goldies, aw.
  13. What a beautiful Ryu, Molly! Congrats on the two new additions! Got any names in order for the Ryukin?
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