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  1. And is a 10F temp. change between dusk and dawn too much for fancys?
  2. OK. We have lots of plants around the pond. But won't the UV help the fancy cope with temp. changes if it gets bad? I'm pretty sure fancys can get food, my goldies think bubbles are food. Thanks. Anybody else have suggestions?
  3. I really want a ranchu and a fantail in my outdoor pond, but it seems that fancy goldfish are more sensitive. Most sites I looked at say that the fantail and ranchu will do fine in ponds, but is there anything they might be prone to in an out door pond? I plan to add a pressurized filter and UV unit later, in addition to a filter box, if that helps. My pond is about 180 gallons I currently have a wakin and american shubunkin (I can make sure the slower fish can get food) The coldest it gets around here is about 39F Also does the sarasa comet get as big as a normal comet or common? Want one of these two. Also need a good pond stocking rule.
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