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  1. I've had the wakin for about a year, but I'm not sure of his true age. All I know is that he still has some growing to do. I'm contemplating on wether to house the comet in a 10 gallon until he gets bigger. You think I should?
  2. I think the comet sees the wakin as a predator, so he hides here. He is accepting food, so I guess thats good. Do you think the wakin will eat him if he gets a chance?
  3. I am definately getting only fast fish. The pond is 180 gallons, but the temp. swings can be up to 10 degrees or more a day. Deffinately not for fancies. And it turns out this koi place now only has orandas, so I didn't go. Even with fast fish, the pond would be understocked at 5 fish, which I guess with even 5 fish, since they are fast ones, makes the pond fully stocked. But don't worry, I have good filtration, and I'll do a water change every now and then.
  4. I have 3: 1 wakin 1 american shubunkin 1 sarasa comet So thats 157 goldfish .
  5. I meant that I didn't want a show quality, but is still a jikin, so guess that part was pretty confusing. Sorry.
  6. I think I'll check out those sites, but I'm not looking for a show-quality specimen. I just want a decent fish that does look like a jikin.
  7. Have you ordered from him? What did shipping turn out to be?
  8. Is there anyone on this forum who has a jikin goldfish? If so, do you mind posting a pic and where you got it? Is raingarden goldfish (the one in hawaii) a good place to buy goldfish? I really want a jikin and any information about one will be appreciated .
  9. Hey, thats a good idea. Only do a water changes when amonia or nitrite start to build.
  10. Thanks, and whoa thats a ton of fish! How do you heat your pond? And I have a small edit: pond pressurized filter+UV, with 330gph pump (the filter recomends a 560gph pump or more, do you think the smaller one will work?) pond box filter with 210gph pump Since there is so much filter, and moderate amount of fish, you think a 30g change once a month will be fine?
  11. So do you move the fancys in for winter?
  12. Cool...how many koi fish do you have in there?
  13. Are pond water changes neccessary? I did some reaserch, but I don't want to change the water weekly. Can someone help me decided on when to do water changes? I will be having: 180g pond 5 fast swimming goldfish 1 210gph pump (will pump water through the filter box and pressurized) 1 filter box 1 pressurized filter moderate amount of plants once-two times daily-two day feedings
  14. I'm not quite sure were to put this, so it will be here. Is any place in the forum were you can start a pond/tank thread? I would love to see other people's tanks and ponds, not just the photos, and there technical specs.
  15. Goldfish aren't predators, even if they do eat a fish or two. There're feeder fish, anyways. So I think the minnow will be fine with goldfish, and I did some quick research, they will be fine with pond water. I think I'll get some.
  16. I think I'll forget about the 10 gallon. But do you think I can keep some of those rosy red minnows in my pond? I think they would make a nice accent fish. Maybe I can use the 10 gallons to quarantine the minnows because, since they are feeder fish, they may carry disease.
  17. Very true about the puffers...I had some, but they died . Very interesting and observative little critters. And I already have a planted tank. So what is the min. tank size for a fancy goldfish like the ranchu or the fantail? But do you think a bubble eye will be ok in the 10 gallon? There not the biggest, and I did a drawing to seeing how it would look in the 10 with the bubbles, and it looks good. Is the reason for no goldfish in the 10 gallon because it won't have enough space to swim, or to much bioload? Or both?
  18. Is there any goldfish that can live its whole life happily in a 10g tank? I have two ten gallons laying around.
  19. I want to go to a koi store called asahi fancy koi, they goldfish outdoors, even fancys. I think I'll try to go there first and ask them before I make my final decesion. If fantails really need a heater, I probaly won't get them. But I'll probaly just go with fast ones anyway.
  20. Will this work: 1 wakin 1 sarasa 2 shubunkin 3 fantails To many fish? Will the fast fish pick on the fantails? My shubunkin is currently 4" long and my wakin is 6" long, and I can get the other single tails small. Also would I need a pond heater for the winter, at 39F? Again can the fantails handle 10 degree temp. changes throughout the day?
  21. I want to put in half terracotta pots in the pond, do you know if that will be safe? Will the pots leach chemicals? I think I will stay with 5 fish because they all get pretty large (except the jikin). I put pics in the welcome forum. I like the idea of only fast fish.
  22. Thanks for the response, mince. So if fantails do well in ponds, how about 3 fast fish and 3 fantails? So the fantails can school on their own. I like the finnage. Or if I go with only fast fish, I can get a watonai instead of a jikin for the finnage. Yep I chose the hardiest fish, but I also want to makes sure they look nice .
  23. Thanks. So I won't get fancies. And here's a fish list: 1 wakin 1 shubunkin 1 hibuna 1 sarasa 1 jikin (if I can find one) Will this be a good amount of goldfish for the pond? Only fast ones so they can all school.
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