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  1. im think Top View Ranchu? what makes some goldfish so delicate? they are all goldfish.
  2. that sounds cool. how long do you plan to have green water?
  3. winters can be a little cold, but it never freezes.
  4. well, the API drops would have been just as much. but we got the strips at a much lower price due to them being on the wrong hook. and API is the least expensive, and they are not that accurate either. it's a pond, so im going to be a little loser on the water params. goldfish are hardy.
  5. ok. i have 2 10 gallon tanks and a 5 gallon eclipse i can use.
  6. hmmm...about QT...how does that work? do i observe the goldfish for a while, making sure they have no disease? or i do i use medicine even if they show no signs of disease? i have API E.M. erythromycin & seachem metronidazole that i used on my sick blenny. these are bacterial medications. would i need a medication for internal parasites?
  7. you think adding more fish would be bad, if nitrates should be at 0?
  8. did you get the watonai from raingarden?
  9. were exactly in socal are you? i'd love to have that ryukin and fantail...how big are those? and how much?
  10. looks good. how many goldfish do you have now?
  11. ok. so it's safe to add a few more goldfish? goldfish don't have problems with aggresion, do they? probaly will add 4-5 more, facny types. then i'll be done stocking.
  12. i think that looks a little more like a lionhead? pretty fish regardless, and i would love to have one like that. how big is that fish tank? and how big is the ranchu?
  13. i think one is full of eggs. it was a lot thinner in the cooler months. i want the bambo just to make it look a little nicer. this weeking i might get a couple of fantails. or one ryukin and a fantail. then eventually two ranchus. will an oranda do ok in the winter? it's basically a fantail with a wen, right?
  14. even after like 2 months? my dad does 25% water changes monthly as well. do you think the nitrate will stay around zero? even after a while?
  15. the pond's filter (a pressurized filter from home depot w/ uv) has been running for about 2 years. we replaced all the water, except about 25 gallons worth, when we put in a new linear. that was a few months ago. we only have 4 potted plants, which don't grow all that much. im thinking the low nutrients in the water is preventing them from growing. oh and we also have some anacharis.
  16. My dad bought tetra brand aquarium test strips for the pond, and here are the results: ammonia: 0 ppm nitrite: 0 ppm nitrate: 0 ppm chlorine: 0 ppm hardness:150-300 ppm alkalinity: 80 ppm ph: 7.8 does this sound possible? o nitrates? the tests said they are for aquariums, but it shouldn't matter, right?
  17. ok. also my pond is 75F. and it's 9:34 here. i'll what it's like in the morning. so i guess now would be a good time to add fancies; they can acclamitize in the warmer wheather before winter comes. also need to test my water.
  18. ok. next time i go to vvvv ill see if i can find a nice looking fantail and ryukin. would it be ok if they are only 2 incher? all my other fish are 4-5 inches, one 6 inches, the largest 7 inches.
  19. yeah, i saw that thread. but she moves them in for winter. im thinking it's warmer in winter here in socal, so the fish would be fine for the winter. but is 10 goldfish too much for a 250-300 gallon pond?
  20. So your ranchu have already lived throught a whole winter?
  21. 6 goldfish in my pond right now. all slim bodied, but most are pretty small. the min. temp around here is 45F. don't know how much it fluctuates during the day/night, though. 12" of pond is above ground, and 18" is bellow ground. also the pond is actually a bit less than 300 gallons, but pretty close. probaly like 250-300 gallons.
  22. is that a fantail or a shubunkin? beutiful fish either way
  23. I know it's been a year since i started this thread, but...i didn't want to start a new one. The pond has been expanded a bit (removed plant shelves and added 6" of depth) so it is about 300 gallons. I've had my single tails for about 1 or 2 years, and they havn't grown very large at all. I doubt they will grow much more. but thier babies are almost as big as them already...maybe they will grow bigger? I might decide to add some fancies. after looking at some other ponds with mixed fancies/single tails, i think it would be neat to try. don't know what i'll get. maybe i'll add a ryukin, 1 fantail, and two ranchus? is that too much? so if the chubbys get left behind, they will have other chubbys to swim with while the try to catch up. sound ok?
  24. Midnight112x? You should start a tank thread, even if you don't have a tank. Like a tank journal.
  25. ok. maybe i should try to create less hiding places for the fry?
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