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  1. how big is the tub? do you do water changes?
  2. this is one of the nicest setups goldfish ponds i've seen, it just looks so well thought out.
  3. really nice looking fish! do you have to order them from an online supplier or does florida just have more goldfish? i can't seem to find any decent looking wakin over here.
  4. thanks i found another baby feesh, so 8 fish. also we cleaned the pond out a bit: fish seem to be enjoying to other side of the pond more since we trimmed that plant.
  5. thanks guys, more pics, but i had to take them through the mesh. all 7 fish can be seen in the following pictures:
  6. you some really nice fire there, also love the way the stones look lining your pond.
  7. It's been a while since i've update this little thread...soo...new pic of the pond, first off: Pond doesn't look great, but for a small little ecosystem it's doing very well. fish are fat, colorful, no disease. Since the last update, i've added two new fish, a calico ryukin and a gray oranda. the oranda died of bloating, unfortunately. today i discovered 1 small single-tailed baby goldfish too, i haven't seen any more babies. So now there is 7 fish in the pond. Still wanting to add 1 or 2 more, maybe another ryukin, since they've proven to me to be as hardy as the commets/commons.
  8. what im going to do is put some long plastic dowels in pots of the plants that would stick out, to the net rests on the top. i'll need to find something to keep it from going through the holes of the net though.
  9. so it's been a while since i've been here, and i have a small update: a crane ate my wakin > also that ryukin i got is doing great, even in the colder wheather, and keeping up with the other fish and eating just fine. i don't know why i was worried about adding him. so im thinking i need to build a cover. also it's very hard to tell buy the ryukin may or may not have a cyst. and that comet died, bloated and had a buch of white bumps on it's body.
  10. Hmmm I see some mixed feelings here...well I think I am going to try an oranda. A red cap, since the wen dosnt grow over the entire face. I put my tiny little ryukin in the pond, does fine with food and keeps up pretty well for such a small fish.
  11. it shouldn't drop bellow 45F here in the LA area during the winter.
  12. Nevermind i found the fish shipping thing
  13. well im talking about the bids...like saying if i did get one for $15, would the shipping be $8?
  14. So it seems a few of you people have ordered from here, im guessing they are pretty legit? Is it the shipping for a $15 goldfish really $8?
  15. Im not sure if my comet is getting any better but he/she is still eating so there's hope
  16. So i read that orandas should not be kept in ponds. but they are basically fantails with wens, so why not?
  17. hmmm...well im not paying $100 for a ranchu that's for sure. i'll just keep looking.
  18. So I went to a fish store today in hopes of buying a ranchu for my pond...they had some nice ones but the had like no wen (even on the 3 and 4 inchers). I like the wen. Is there any special food I should feed a ranchu for better wen growth or is the size on the when completely dependant on genetics? Or both?
  19. i named the ryukin Kazooie. 50% water change on comet's hospital tank, and added a little more epsom salt to compensate. 40% water change on ryukin's QT tank, and added more metro.
  20. thanks. made a quick vid of pond:
  21. Moved the sarasa comet to a hospital tank due dropsy, he is bloated buy no pineconing. also has a cyst, hopefully that will go away. can't wait to put the little ryukin in the pond
  22. He wasn't sick to begin with, but i did add a little metro just in case.
  23. Sorry for starting so many topics recently, but...google gets no good results. So the little ryukin i bought seems healthy, no flukes or ich. when can i put him in the pond?
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