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  1. My friend who runs a sanctuary in Naples told me I could have gotten an entire bottle at a tractor supply store for $40.00.
  2. Hi Gran,thank you. I got the baytril from my dog vet. If they wouldn't have had it, my bird vet would have. He is further to drive...so I went with the first option.I sent them links to the Goldfish Connection website to read about the dreaded hole in the wen disease that has been afflicting fish. I found a video from Jen at Solid Gold, and a website about koi that went into a lot of detail on where and how to perform the injections. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I would say that part of the treatment went extremely well. Thank you Chelsea.
  3. 8 days as of today.I will make an effort to get some pics in the a.m. Thank you Alex.
  4. I am sorry I have not gotten new pics yet. I have been lazy, then busy because I was lazy.. I saw a bubble pop out of the hole. I pray that it just got trapped in there. Not that there is a hole clean through. That would probably not be good.; Van is having a slight issue with his swim bladder too. It is intermittent. Should I continue the medi-gold until Sunday? They are not super fond of it. Thank you for the good wishes.
  5. He is very beautiful. I am so glad you were able to find him safe and sound. Here is what I do when I expect a fish from Fed-ex, to avoid this problem. When I receive the confirmation e-mail, I go to the Fedex website, and I arrange a hold. You find the address of the closest Fedex station to you and enter that information on the website. When the fish arrives they do not send it on a truck. I go there as soon as they open. You need the tracking number written down and your license or ID.
  6. I have one you could have. Do you think it would be worth shipping it? Would it cost too much to ship it to Australia? It is this one 18 watt jbj submariner
  7. Very good. I wasn't certain if it would stay a 'crater' or close. Either way does not matter. That he lives is what matters to me. I have a good handle on the parameters with my double water changes. We are at 10 on NO3.
  8. Not sure what Pascal stands for, a game?, a show? I am out of the loop. I like Poppy. How about Pangaea?
  9. Thank you both. Yes, I can get some today. The hole is closing in an unusual manner. Hard to explain. While it is smaller than it was originally, it's almost as if it is healing along the walls of the hole. In other words, if you look down inside the hole it is not raw, there is new growth closing that up. Does that make sense?
  10. Thanks so much. Van is doing really well! The black is fading, and the hole is closing.
  11. No worries. You never have to worry about going off topic on a thread I start. I never mind, unless it's a fight. So today was Van's last shot. He had an odd reaction today and flipped over and went down into the anubias when I returned him to the tank. Remember he has not been out of water through this whole procedure. He stayed that way, upside down. I reached in and flipped him back over, and he has been fine all day. Not sure what that was all about. Stress maybe..?
  12. No way I gave out 50 likes..no way. Sure it's not 20? It's more or less a way to say thanks, or I really like your post on a bird forum I am a member of. Ok so I will reserve them from now on..sheesh..
  13. Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day All!! :heart
  14. I have five in a 90 with a 29 gal sump. I wish I had a 125 at least for them. They are fancies...and getting huge!
  15. I am out of likes already today..dang it. I suggest we change that. How come there is a restriction on 'likes' of posts? Anyway..I tried to like your post Justin! Thanks for your reply.
  16. I know exactly what you mean So many people have seen my fish and said something along the lines of "oh we used to have fish but they kept dying", I never really know what to say to that haha I hear this a lot too. I tell them why, because they probably did not cycle the tank. Which usually results in the deer in the headlights look.
  17. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Absolutely! According to a discussion in my other thread, it appears I should have kept Vanessa with the name Rhett. Vanessa is a boy as I first suspected. So I am going to call him Van Morrison, Van for short. Going by that, that boys have a thick leading edge to their pectoral fins, does that also mean Lovey could be a boy? Yikes.. I think the only one with thinner pec fins is Charlie. She/he was named by a child on another forum, as I told the member I thought she looked like one of the Thomas the train characters. The member came back and told me their child said Charlie is the purple one, so it stuck. That's a good name as it could be a boy or a girl. Thank you. I got the camera for Christmas. Still in the learning mode for me. It is a D3200 Nikon. I like it alot.
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