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  1. Ok then. As long as they have it in stock, we should have it hopefully by the end of next week? I pray he hangs in there. It does not look as bad as before. Yet. *sigh*
  2. Ok, is 25 grams of each enough? I have a ten or a 29 gallon available. http://www.nationalfishpharm.com/products3.html
  3. Thanks Mikey. Hi, Carole. I'm so sorry, but this was what I was worried about earlier. Baytril offers a very fleeting promise, and then these things almost always come back when the ulcer looks like that. Do you think you can get oxolinic acid and metronidazole powder? Thank you Alex. I looked them up and it looks like NFP has it.Maybe somewhere else too? What do I do with it? Mix them together? I will have to pull him out this time. I can't put that in the tank with snails and catfish? Unless I pull all of them out and treat the tank? Are you thinking the other GF may catch this?
  4. Thanks for the kudos. But I am back with bad news.Van's face has reopened... I am at a loss as to what to do now.
  5. I think the improvement is incredible. I really need to get better with this new camera. If you could see before and after. To recap- The hole in the wen was nearly down to the skull. Dark black mark underneath and within the hole. Baytril administered at one tenth of a CC for five days in injection.{To me direct administration of medicine has to be stronger and better at knocking out such a severe infection than just prophylactic methods such as antibiotic in the water} Medi-gold food given exclusively for ten days. Now- Hole has closed, fish is active, eating, problems with swim bladder have subsided, and black marks are gone. I would say this is a huge improvement from where we were a few weeks ago.
  6. See the yellow spot-the whole belly was turning yellow. Can you remind me what the cause is? It does look like whatever it was it is fading now.
  7. Yes I have stopped and gone back to regular food. Lovey was showing a bit of yellow on the belly. It seems to be fading now. I am keeping a close eye on all of them, and parameters.
  8. LOL... He is doing pretty good. I will get new pics. It is almost closed and the black has faded a lot. However, there still is a little SB issue. It is odd how it is intermittent. Yesterday he seemed in a bit of trouble for a while. Planting himself under the anubias to hold himself down, and then actually being upside down. It's almost as if he is flipping the bladder by the rolls he does in the tank. He has become used to me touching him. So I reached in and held him ever so gently{he could have swam away} in my hand for a few minutes, in the upright position. It seemed like it helped him right himself. because after that he did not roll or float at all the rest of the day.
  9. Yes, Steve is the guy I know. He is cool. Like old school cool. He likes those funky shoes. I got Lovey and Van from him. I also had Zorro from him, if you remember him. Alex, if you had multi-colored food that was the goldfish food. I did not like it because part of it floated. The new Veggie/krill food is different. Some of the pellets are round, and some are the stick shape. They are dark green and they all sink.
  10. How do we know they do not make it right here in the USA?
  11. Ok..looking it up, Melafix is not recommended for scaleless fish{My pair of hillstream loaches and zebra/reg. otocinclus} so...how about a bath each day just for Van?
  12. Thanks Alex, you're the best! Do you feel the melafix is safe for my loaches, otos, and snails?
  13. Did you try only the one called Goldfish food? I didn't like it either. I do however like a newer formula called Veggie/Krill. What I like about it is a clean looking poop, no excess food bits in the tank, and no bad ingredients like ethoxiquin, menadione, etc..
  14. Other short vid- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3XznU_EHHM
  15. Very good. I have a feeling the foods from GC are very rich. Or so they seem. One of the things I like about the Southern Delight food is it seems very clean. The GC foods break up easily and foul the water. I do have the Pro-Gold. I might have Saki, will have to look.
  16. Thank you! I have another short video uploading. What do you mean by a "full course" of melafix? How do you feel about the quick start food.{is that what it's called? the one you give after antibiotics}
  17. Please excuse the quality. I have to learn settings with the video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSA3epbeOYU
  18. Yes, unfortunately I have not figured out how to make a video with this new camera yet.. I can ask Troy when he gets home. He seems fine today.
  19. New Photos Uploading here is the unaffected side
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