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  1. Thank you BB. I am now looking into getting a China Doll and one Oranda. Flow looks great. I have a 2215 Eheim canister filter, running with a jet input. Surface movement is good. An airpump with ceramic airstone is also running. Temp is presently at 73.9, no heater.
  2. Thank you. I am pretty excited about it. It will have 1-2 Orandas, and I might put my tiny pleco in it. He is a Peckoltia sp Swerg, L038. He only grows to 2 inches.
  3. I just finished with initial set up. Plants are on order, and light is just temporary. 29 gallon
  4. Aha..so the black is not a stable color. Thanks. It might just be the chubby face I like, not necessarily the color, though he does look cool that way.
  5. I am not sure if we can link to videos, so I will ask..if you can go to Youtube and look at the video called 'goldfish dance'. I want to know if the gold and black Oranda in that video is a hard to find color? He is adorable.
  6. Thank you all so much. My new tank is on the stand for my Oranda tank!! I am anxious to get it going and cycling.
  7. Dario dario is aka Scarlet Badis, a tiny bright red fish.Thanks!
  8. My planted tank for dario dario, Sumatran gobies, a couple clown killies & some other odd fish like a hara jerdoni & armoured stickelback, some amano shrimp and CRS.
  9. That makes a lot of sense. Good thinking, thank you.
  10. Ok great. I am thinking one from the auction, and one I can get from a big box store.{figuring in the hands of a child or inexperienced fishkeeper it might die, it's sort of a rescue ..}
  11. Hello, I have been watching an auction for the last couple of weeks. I would like to know what makes a fish 'show quality'? Is it the size? And how old is a goldfish when it is 4-5"? Is it impossible to find a young fish at a 'big box store' with the potential to grow to show quality? There are no stores in this area that would have a fish this size.
  12. I think that two goldfish can typically live long, happy lives in a 29 gallon very easily. Thank you, that was what I wanted, two.
  13. The more I am reading, the more it seems I should only keep one fish in my soon to be 29 gal?
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