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  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. Kol Thanks for the kind words. Heart hugs to you.
  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts everyone. All of you have been awesome. The new pics are uploading. I will post the new pics of Vann here, then I will post a new build thread with my mess photos haha! Have to run a quick errand, but will be back in a bit. HUGS
  3. Thanks so very much. This is so awesome that he is finally recovering. For real this time!!
  4. Oh she is just the cutest thing ever. She looks like she wears heavy makeup. Can you please post more pics of this half -person- fish So glad she is feeling better.
  5. Oh thanks for saying so Heidi. Whoever she is she does know what she is talking about, and has been absolutely wonderful! Thank you too Lis. More good news. Vann's wen is growing back! There is new tissue over what you see where it is white in those last photos. I just did a 50% water change. I will get some more pics. I still have to upload the others from yesterday as well. I am so excited..but still half of me says don't get your hopes too high. The other half keeps telling me he is going to make it. I will say this...that is one little fighter! We are fighting the good fight...together.
  6. An Important NOTICE: I just started looking back through this thread from the beginning and wanted to post this very important thing. As I looked at my first photos. Whenever you have fish in this condition you should be WEARING GLOVES! That was one thing the new person helping has instructed me to do. Not only for your own protection, but for the fish's protection. Even clean hands can introduce things, and especially with a fish with an open sore you are risking him getting another or worse problem.
  7. Thank you. Here is vann's face at it's worst I have new ones from yesterday I need to upload and will post later.
  8. Thank you Alex. And thanks so much for being here and trying to help. I think people need to stop saying "hexamita is not common with goldfish". While that may be true, in my case it made me dismiss and not pay attention to those particular symptoms. One of which is long white slimy poop, and another is a swollen belly. I never realized it is a parasite that attacks the gut. I just knew it caused HITH with saltwater fish. I pray to the fish gods that I am doing the right thing now. The progress in just a few days is short of miraculous. And I am a water changing fool right now. I do a 25% early in the day to remove morning waste, and a 50% later in the afternoon and replacement of meds. I am instructed to complete ten days of metro, and fourteen days of nitro. My 90 gallon will be drained today. I will remove the substrate, and leftover stones. Refill and add a gallon of white vinegar. I cannot use bleach or other caustic things because of my birds. This will give a good clean out of my whole system and nuke any parasites that might be leftover. After a few days I will drain it and let it dry out a week before refilling it, making sure to clean up under the lip of the tank as well. I had to find a home for my loach and snails, and leftover live plants as they could not be treated. I was holding them in a five gallon for a couple days on my dining room table. I put an ad on CL and explained the situation and suggested they could be kept in a system with no other fish presently. Eventually the parasite should die off if present without any host. A very nice young fellow came and took them for free yesterday. One less tank to worry about..*whew*....
  9. An update on Vann and his tankmates: It has been a very long trying time for me trying to get Vann well. And in the process, I lost Fu Man Chu the red/black ranchu on Sunday, and Lovey the white Oranda with the heart on her wen the night before last. Lots of trial and error on the meds with Vann. The medicine from the koi show did nothing but make matters worse. I tried more baytril after, at a higher dose, and what was supposed to be a longer time, from a different vet. He tried to help, including phone and e-mail consultation at no charge. He was not responding to it, and had started to slime excessively. As it turns out, I should have listened to Alex, and gone with metronidazole. I found someone willing to speak to me over the phone. She has gone way over and above for me{someone she does not know}, including overnighting me meds at no charge. We talked at great length, and she has helped me see things I have missed, including criticism of my entire goldfish setup. After going through all of the symptoms, she is pretty sure I am dealing with the parasite hexamita. And with Vann, the subsequent bacterial infection. My remaining three goldfish, are in qt with metronidazole and nitrofurazone green. I have ordered more to see me through. So I am in the process of tearing down my 90, nuking it, and resetting it. No more substrate. No decor for now, and if I put any back it will be extremely minimal. Zen. I am not certain which way to go with that yet, but that is my last worry at the moment. No more bags of Eheim media in the sump. They will be replaced with two custom cut pieces of Poret foam I ordered from Swiss Tropicals. A great guy btw, who answered my questions last Sunday night, and the box already arrived yesterday. I do believe now that the tahitian moon sand is harmful to goldfish. They ingest it! And there is no good way to clean it. Barebottom is the way to go....back to that for me. Back to Vann~ his face had really been necrosing. Sloughing off in pieces. I have some very scary photos. If you think it is ok I can post them. But now, just after a few days in the new meds it has finally stopped progressing. The bad news I had a few days back was he had quit eating. But yesterday morning I searched and found a website, and Koko shared a video with me in a PM on how to force feed. So I did that. I am happy to announce he is now eating on his own. I hope this will continue. And my biggest hope is that I am now on the right track, and my three remaining lovely fish will survive this nightmare. So I still have Vann,Charlie the lavender ranchu , and Moby the blue oranda. Sorry for the long post.
  10. Thanks Alex and Koko~hugs {I am in tears here}
  11. Hey I am all for let's try anything at this point. I changed out his water 100% and just added back salt for now. Is the salt going to be ok, or does it need to be plain water? I added three tspns per gallon.
  12. What are the risks? What I mean is why did you say "if you are going to give up...." ??
  13. He says it was actually his specialty, that and amphibians. This is the vet I originally tried to contact. He apologized profusely when he got on the phone. His kids were very sick when he received my original e-mail. How do you do this treatment with silver?
  14. I am in contact with a vet, that may be willing to do a biopsy. He is looking at the pics.
  15. I am not giving up! I am just completely frustrated. What do you mean silver?
  16. I am giving up. If anything it looks worse,bigger. I am sorry Van..Any more suggestions?
  17. Ok...they are being guarded about the ingredients, but here was the response to my question this morning. me~ Thank you for keeping in touch Rebecca. My friends on Koko's goldfish forum are wondering what is in the pro-treat, as it appears that it is not an antibiotic? They are concerned that I am wasting valuable time, and should be treating with something else. Their reply~ Hi Carole, I can assure you that pro treat is an antibiotic that is proven to work. It was developed by mag noy in Israel 18 years ago. We introduced it back in 1999. We currently have many koi judges and KHa using the product and swearing by it. Rebecca
  18. There is no box, it's just a jar. It says exactly that. I have put this question to the rep. I really don't know at this point. Like I said, it was something I had vs. something I did not have. It has been suggested to run it with salt. The fellow I spoke to yesterday said he has had good personal experience with it. Thank you for the well wishes.
  19. So I went to the Central Florida Koi Show yesterday. Going back today. I bought two meds by a company called Kai Zen Aqua. One is Para Pro{a couple older fellows at the show thought it could possibly be a parasite. {I am not convinced of that, but purchased it anyway just in case, or for future use. The other is called Pro Treat, which is for severe bacterial infections. I moved Van into the ten gallon qt and added the Pro Treat. Seven day treatment. Wish me luck. If this doesn't work, I will be looking into your suggestions as well Alex. The way I figure was it was something I could do NOW, instead of waiting, or in case the fish pharmaceutical place is no longer in business. {I tried to add things to a cart the other night and it would not work} I will get pics.
  20. Oh I am so scared of that stuff. It has some staunch warnings on the packets. Can you give me ratios for the dip and the paste? I could never get the antibiotic cream to stay in. IIRC Ken said a very tiny amount of the tricide neo, with a very tiny amount of the cream. But was not specific and never recommended a dip. I will have to get the qt set up. I replaced my lost loaches with a few baby tank raised catfish. I don't want to lose them. I believe the use of medicated food is what killed them.
  21. It is called Tricide neo. It is meant as a koi dip and now I remember he wanted me to mix it in with the antibiotic cream and apply it to the wound. I can't find the metro. I do have erythromycin, pimafix, melafix. Ich meds, and something called seachem sulfathyiozole...which I have no clue how old it is or what it does. Guess we will have to wait. I should have this stuff on hand!
  22. I have something. It is a med that was recommended to me by Ken when Tut had half his face ripped off. I bought it from a koi place in GA. Let me go see what it is. I never used it. He passed too quick.I might have metro powder too. BRB
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