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  1. Yes, it is filling up! I do not think it will ever be quite the same, but that is fine by me. I just want him well. Thanks so much for the kind words.
  2. Here are the pics from today. The metronidazole and nitrofurazone looks to really be working,.
  3. Thank you. He is doing really well. Today he swam most of the day instead of sitting! I have some new pics. I still have not figured out how to get a video without Troy's help on this camera. I need to break the book out and read up on it.
  4. And maybe we need to start treating them when they come in for more than just flukes. Food for thought.
  5. Well I stand corrected, then it can be done. I still think some can overdo it and get too much. There is no good way to really clean it. You should have seen what was under mine. Regardless, I am fine with BB. It just takes a little more work to scrub it. I have had Vann since before Sept. 2011.
  6. Alex, you have admitted to losing many fish as well. How do you know for certain any of them did not die from it?
  7. I had a very hard time w sand too and I think it was part of one of my fishes death.. I am so sorry Koko. I do not want to keep replacing my fish! I want them to live, and am going to everything in my power to see to it they do.
  8. I tried to send you a message to ask what kind of floaty plants those are you have. But I guess you have that disabled? Anyway..it took a little searching but I figured out what they are. I like the way they span out across the tank. Thanks for caring, and hugs to you.
  9. Yes, some of the poop in the morning would be completely black and formed of sand. I have heard of it impacting and also blowing out their gut. All they are trying to do is get to the food, and in the process they suck up a bunch of the black{colored} sand. I would rather them just eat the food without sand. If they were meant to eat sand it would be in the food..right?
  10. Thanks. We are at the one week mark. Another week to go. Vann is healing, and everyone is doing ok.
  11. I am so sorry . Heart hugs to you. Sending good energy that life turns in a positive direction.
  12. Hello, thank you for asking. Vann was swimming today!
  13. How do you clean the sand Alex?
  14. Great job on the stand and I like the minimal setup.
  15. Great deal and love the stand. Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  16. Love it! I am back to the BB club as well. My fish were ingesting the TMS. Can't be good for them.
  17. Lovely tank and home! I can't wait to see a nice close up. I have never seen a tank like that. Very cool.
  18. Last one for now...look how pretty Ok..I do! Thank you
  19. Pics from yesterday pics from today{notice the demeanor is even improved}
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