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  1. I always recommend bringing a small cooler with you if you think you will be bringing home fish. That keeps the temp stable. Weirdest thing for me would be the day I walked out the front door and almost tripped over a betta tank on my porch. Someone must have moved out and knew I had them somehow? I thought that was strange and mean to just abandon your fish on someone's doorstep!
  2. Going to give this a go ~ Nitrofuracin for 10-14 days, and 1/4 tspn epsom salt for three days. Big water changes daily, and replacement of meds after.
  3. I have placed him back in qt with nitrofuracin green, and am going out to get some epsom salt.
  4. Thanks so much! I think we have brought him back from the brink of no return... literally.
  5. Yes it is red. And that's just it. He was in the qt for the full treatment. When I googled "can a fish get a prolapse?" a video popped up about hexamita.
  6. If it wasn't for bad luck... This is in the 90 gallon w/ 29 gallon sump-totally cleaned and nuked. It has not even cycled yet. No sign of ammonia as of yesterday. Today is the first day this has showed up. He/she acts fine otherwise. Active and eating.
  7. Thanks so much. here is a quick video from today https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R05ErPmUDZ0
  8. Just want to wish you the best and send positive energy. Hang in there!
  9. I don't think so. For me it was important because of the smell. When I did add some bleach I did not run it for long. I have birds, so I couldn't have that nose and eye burning smell for days in the house.
  10. In case you are wondering, I think that little black square is a spot that broke down from one of the injections..just a guess.
  11. I think so! Thank you. I am very happy also. If you would have asked me, I really did not think I could bring him back from this to this
  12. Good luck with the nuke. I used vinegar, drained, then used a couple cups bleach in my 90 w/ a 29 gal sump. Rinsed, drained, filled,repeat
  13. Looks like his chubby cheek might come back
  14. Hey everyone.. here are some pics from just now
  15. Thank you. Have a wonderful day everyone! Vann is doing great!
  16. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Thanks Alex. Does Ken have a place on his site where he discusses treatments? I got the method of treating with Metronidazole and Nitrofuracin Green for the hole in the wen from Cynthia of ECR. I did not realize how Hexamita affects the fish in the gut. My two fish who died suddenly had the distended abdomen{remember one had the yellowing on the belly too} and long long white poop. BTW something dug up my fish in the yard. Raccoon maybe...
  17. And a big thanks to Admin and mods for pinning this topic.
  18. This is what happened to my other two fish who just passed in the last week. Extended belly, and white long poop. I hope you can save your fish.
  19. Thanks so much for asking and your comments are all much appreciated. Vann continues to get stronger and heal each and every day. We are at day ten with the metronidazole and nitrofuracin{sorry for spelling it wrong?} 4 more days, then just clean water while he heals. He swims throughout the day now, instead of just lying flat the way he was. I will try and get more pics and maybe a video over the weekend. Hugs to all
  20. I wish you Koko, admin/mods would consider pinning this thread.
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