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  1. Thank you, will do! Thank you! Do you have photos posted? Maybe we can brainstorm some ideas!
  2. It looks wonderful, congrats! You will love how easy it is to clean!
  3. I would take the fish out. Upsetting the bottom is going to unleash all kinds of nasties, and could cause them to be exposed to high levels of waste, ammonia,anaerobic conditions, etc.
  4. Thank you. I found Lori's tank the other day from an old post on FB, and thought it was so unusual that we both chose a similar glass piece as a centerpiece!
  5. Not finished..and have added two things since this photo. I will be adding airstones today so will post new pics. Here is what it looked like the other day. 90 gallons w/ 29 gallon sump
  6. Thank you all! I will have to work on more pics of the cute button eye side. Should I just list his quarantine protocol here or start a thread in the other new section?
  7. Thanks everyone. He is adorable! You asked for it...pics are uploading
  8. Thank you. Such a worry when they are being shipped...especially when late. I was due for something good to happen.
  9. After a day delay due to mechanical failure of the Fedex plane, my new friend arrived in good shape! Water was a little chilly, but he is active and swimming. I got him out of that nasty bag fairly quick. I have named him Sumo
  10. Thank you Alex. Today he seems fine, although the redness is still there. It is more difficult to see it in the green water. No pellets for now. I am feeding a few bloodworms, but mostly vegetable matter. Blanched cilantro, romaine lettuce. He is still active , eating, and swimming.
  11. Hi Alex, Charlie was in the metro and nitro for 11 days, one or{two?} days out, now back in for a day in the nitrofuracin, without the metro.
  12. I can't Alex. Add metronidazole as well, Carole. I can't Alex. He has already been through a whole course of metro. Hitting him with another might damage his kidneys.
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