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  1. My tank has changed and I sold the Chi tank. Only one for me now. I kept two of the little endlers, and the goldies do not bother them! I had to remove the driftwood. I will get new pics. Here are some tanks of the past.
  2. Thank you! Those were two of my healthiest fish. They had been though it all. This piece of DW literally got handfuls of snot on it.{bacteria} all the time. Then they started bottom sitting and both died within a few days of each other. And it was only a couple days from the time they seemed sick to gone each time. I took the dw out, cleaned up real good, and everyone else has been fine. What would you think? I blame the wood.
  3. Thanks again. We have been holding steady with no more deaths for a couple months now. The tank has now been set up nearly 10 months!
  4. All I need is a better camera so I can get videos really worth watching. You should have seen the photos I took this morning. They were terrible!
  5. Thanks everyone for the compliments. Umm..my fish like Florida! heheh Thanks for saying so. It is staying this way! No more messing around with fish killing stuff!
  6. Ok, the bright green ones are jungle vals. The ones along the back are cryptocoryne retrospiralis.
  7. Thanks! Oh yes, it was the worst case of white funk ever. I have dealt with some,. but never like this. I believe it was a fresh piece of manzanita, not anything close to 'driftwood'. I also believe it killed a couple of my fish. As you notice.... my sweet little panda tele, and blue oranda are missing. Hello, thanks..hmm brain time..lol. Hold on, I can figure it out.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUcAOqfvNZM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJ8eoxWGQL0
  9. I am so happy you got your own tank. I hope the commons will get that pond as promised.
  10. PH is too low. It needs to be ideally 7.6, but no less than 7.4 for goldfish. Long term this can cause problems, especially as nitrate increases....that PH can dip even lower. Can you get a value for KH and GH?
  11. Wishing you the best with your new home and finding a good home for the koi.
  12. Perhaps that PH is a bit low, and maybe causing the lethargy? Is there enough aeration and surface agitation? That might help to raise the PH. Having a home closed up tight will also drive down PH. That is due to indoor carbon dioxide. Good luck.
  13. Oh they are both stunning!! Congrats! The yellow has intensified on mine.
  14. Orandas, hands down. I never thought I would like Ranchus until I got my two cuties. I think each type has their own beauty.
  15. Only 6 hours for me, keeps algae away.Usually 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
  16. Yes it is totally a heart, hence the name! Thank you.
  17. Pond snail, and they can multiply faster that rabbits or ramshorns!
  18. Steve from Exotic Goldfish sent me a message that he thought I should have this fish. It is still available!! I don't think I can say no!!!!
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