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  1. Or maybe it;s the new food I have been using??
  2. Thanks so much everyone! I find it very interesting that all of the sudden everyone is noticing Tora. When I first saw her on the auction, she was just a small baby, but she looked like she had potential to be a really nice fish. She must be just now coming into her own, because she is getting lots of compliments. No one ever mentioned her before.
  3. Thank you! Thank you! Except those two endlers...they have a love hate relationship and are usually battling it out. The Ranchus just started hanging together recently. It is so cute. Thank you! OH no..I need a new camera! I do not like how this camera takes videos. Thank you!
  4. My tank does suffer from a bit of bba, but as long as it isn't out of control I do not worry. I do not add ferts, but some excel, or CO2 would surely help keep it nicer. Some Flourish would make it redder. I think the goldies give it enough ferts.
  5. Good morning! Thanks everyone. Hi Fang, the plant is a rose sword.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xloU_qRtNPc
  7. Thanks everyone! Here is Garbo when I first got her Here is Lovey I did have this fish, Mae West, who started out like this then this Then finally like this, may she RIP At the bottom, another sweetie, Hambone..may he RIP
  8. Thanks again! Yes, finally everyone seems healthy and doing great!
  9. Thanks so much for the nice compliments everyone! Once your vals get rooted it will be easier. I still get some floaters but not as many as in the beginning. I did buy some plastic fish safe weights, but never had to use them. When they get rooted sometimes they pop the substrate, but stay attached by runners. I just push them back down with my plant tweezers.
  10. Oh the color change? Pretty dramatic..huh?
  11. Thanks a lot. I get a bunch of those "O" pics..lol. I got Tora from the GF connection auction. She was listed as a tiger pattern....hence the name.
  12. For some pics Zorro Rhett Lovey Spott Tora And beautiful Garbo FTS
  13. Place your drop checker on the other side, across from the diffuser. The movement in the tank from the water flow mixes the CO2. Signs to watch for of discomfort to your fish~Gasping for air, swimming and gulping at the surface,reddening of the gills.
  14. With a DIY system, you run the risk of a dump at night, which can cause PH to crash and kill all the fish. Not a fan...too scary to me. I have the plants in my tank, but they do suffer from some algae. My fish are more important to me than pearling algae free plants.
  15. CO2 also lowers PH, way too low for GF IMO. Most planted tank aquarists strive for 30 PPM.
  16. A drop checker will help you to know what the concentration of CO2 is in the tank. You can get them fairly cheap.I wouldn't use CO2 without one. I don't like the idea of CO2 with Goldfish, after my experience with small fish was not good. They hated the CO2, and I couldn't stand to see them suffer. I purchased an entire pressurized system for big $$...and it sits in my storage room.
  17. The excess O2 from your bubble disk, can also off gas the CO2, making it useless to the plants.
  18. CO2 off at night, O2 on is good.
  19. Thank you! As you see, the paths did change with some stones spilling into them, and overgrowth of plants. I would take various rake type tools and clean them up, and cut back plants. I was trying to find some other good pics I have. I was constantly changing my tanks around back then...this is a few years back.
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