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  1. I have some probiotics, but not for fish. Where can I get some?
  2. I also figured it was less stressful for her to be back in the main tank. She was staying depressed in the qt tank.
  3. Yeah,,,why not? I figure in case anyone else might have an internal thing going on, we can clean them out. There was someone else in the tank, maybe a couple, with long stringy poop. Will it hurt them?
  4. Thank you both. We should be ok, as long as we continue treatment, right Alex?
  5. Everyone has been eating them for days!
  6. So far five pellets today. I will give a few every few hours. Thanks!
  7. Thank you Karen. Alex, she is 74 gms.{580 w/ her and water, 506 w/ her back in tank}
  8. Ok I will weigh her and get back to you. Thanks for your help! hugs!!
  9. The metro meds arrived today and she ate some. Do I need to weigh her now? Thanks for thinking of us.
  10. Thanks everyone. I gave her a 1 ml syringe with a pinch of metro and a few crushed pellets. After that I think she took a pellet or two on her own. Going to change 50% of the water in a few minutes.
  11. Ok, thank you. I have latex gloves, but I doubt they are so sterile, the box is open. Good thing I have experience with medicating birds. Fish should be a cinch in comparison!
  12. Should I wear gloves to touch her?
  13. Yes, I did add it to the water. Ok will do. How often?
  14. She has no interest in taking food. She is also being very floaty now. Or headstanding I should say...
  15. Thank you Alex and Kukana. At what amount did you mix the powder to gel? Or is there a recipe that includes how much metro? Since it is already added to the water, can I overdose?
  16. Thanks all for the well wishes. Koko, the tank has plants, stones, and substrate. There are 7 fish total. One is new,he went through qt and was just put in the tank a few days ago. No other fish shows any signs of anything amiss, besides Zorro, who has always gone to the top after eating. I have now seen Tora poop a bit ago, and she does have the long white string poop. The tank is 90 gallons with a 29 gallon sump. There is a filter sock that is changed weekly for a new one, and 4X large media bags with Eheim media for biological filtration. An external pump returns the water to the tank, and there is a large airstone on an air driven pump. I am sure bacteria builds in our tanks over time, regardless of water changes, and sometimes it flat out comes from the tapwater. Water companies can do late night flushes, and they don't give you a warning when they do it. Always a good idea to run your water a while before saving any for a water change...a good reminder for me as well.
  17. Sure I can try that. The metro-meds have shipped, just got the notice.
  18. Thanks everyone. She is just not interested in eating at this point. I cannot say with any accuracy when the last time I saw Tora poop. I have been nursing a sick parrot for the last ten days. I do know someone in the tank has long stringy white poop. I see it in the morning. Koko, I meant problems came back. I have not had dropsy, but remember I had a piece of wood that killed a few fish, fish with ich when I first started getting them for the big tank, and fish with SBD in my original tank,. The PH of tap and tank are 7.6, temp at this time of year stays at 76F.
  19. Ok, I have her set up in qt, temp at 80F{but I don't think this heater can keep up as it's only a 50 wt, will get a better one today} 1/4 tspn of epsom salt added. She is not eating presently, so I added 1 1/2 measure of metro powder to the water. The metro-meds are ordered. I checked with my local Whole Foods and they have agar flake, will that do?
  20. Ok..what is agar agar? I have never heard of it. What is it 's general purpose and what are some places likely to have it? Do you ever sleep?
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