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  1. Thanks mj & Sakura. I too think it will be more difficult than a tank with little to no decor. I am up for the challenge, and I have a small clean up crew helping now. Your tank looks very cute with the Halloween theme.
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Thank you. This tank is a 90 gallon w/ a 29 gallon sump. The larger plants are in groups of 2-3, and the shorter plants are single.
  3. Thank you very much Alex. If you want the guy's e-mail address I dealt with, let me know.
  4. Thank you ms Jenny! I got them at Aquarium Design Group in Texas, by contacting them directly. I dealt with a man named Jeff. He was very nice and put together this package for me.
  5. Hehe...looked up your signature "living the dream"
  6. It really makes a very efficient filter, and oxygenates the water well with the water dropping over the overflow. The only issue I had with it, was when I still had a few endlers left from a nano I used to have, and had them in this tank. I had two boys who liked to chase each other a bit, and one would wind up in the sock on occasion.
  7. Thanks so much for the kind words. I named the little guy Dorado, after the 'Goldfish Constellation'.
  8. Yes, it has a 29 gallon tank as a sump.The water goes over the overflow into the sump, into a filter sock, then over 4X large media bags filled with 2 different types of Eheim media, then over and under baffles. It is drilled, has a bulkhead, and that goes to an external pump that returns the water via loclines.It used to be our saltwater reef. Took it down to ease the cost.
  9. Thank you all. It really had gone downhill with the live plants. They never really took off like they should have. And even if they did not eat them, they enjoyed ripping them up.
  10. Thank you all so much. Shelly, they are artificial this time around. And the best part is....they will stay this way..lol!
  11. Oh I am so sorry I put this in the wrong forum. Mods if you want to, please move this thread. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I think I actually like my tank now..lol...
  12. Not sure if this is exactly how it will stay, but here is the first attempt~
  13. Thanks everyone. New pics soon. I will start a different thread with the new look. The plants arrived yesterday. As soon as I am feeling creative I will work on it....soon!
  14. LOL..I am sure glad I don't have hairy hands! I will get new pics soon. Thanks for the laugh and the nice comments.
  15. Thanks for the kind words & thank you for the name suggestion. The tank will have smooth mostly grey stones & some artificial spiky plants from ADG. And if I can find a way to get it to sink, hopefully a very old real piece of driftwood I have had for awhile. It absolutely will not sink. I tried using silicone on slate. The slate was not heavy enough and it still floated. I weighed it down with a stone and the pressure of the wood wanting to float broke it free. So the other option is screwing a heavy piece to the bottom. A suggestion was made to me by the driftwood guy to use granite, since it will be easy to find a remnant, and is heavier than slate. It will not be visible so it doesn't matter what it looks like.
  16. Don't know exactly what breed she is, kind of like a half ryukin/half oranda, with a heart on the side of her wen. Pretty strange indeed. Lovey
  17. Tore the tank apart. Stay tuned for a new look. new baby panda butterfly! He needs a name. *fish pics courtesy of Exotic Goldfish
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