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  1. Thanks so much. I got them from aquarium design group in Texas. I must admit they were not cheap. But thinking of all the money I paid trying to keep live plants alive, and buying new ones to replace dead or torn up ones, it was a bargain.
  2. Be careful to get true driftwood, not just some manzanita or other wood someone cut fresh. I have a huge piece that now resides in my garden, after wiping out several fish.
  3. You can buy them from members on the planted tank forum at very reasonable prices. I found out the hard way they do not mix with goldfish.
  4. Awesome. I love the round headed orandas he sells. Good luck with them.
  5. I got them from a decorative stone place. They sell stones for people to use in their yard,garden,ponds,etc. Stones are not something we can just go pick out of a riverbed here, like you can. My previous stones were sharp, and caused issues with fins. These are very smooth, so no more tears from the rocks.
  6. Thanks everyone. I am planning to take the substrate out and replace it with fresh soon. I ordered two boxes. I put some plants back, but not all of them this time. I will get some new pics soon.
  7. My tank is a bit different than most, as it was our saltwater reef, that is converted to fresh. So it has a 29 gallon tank as a sump,a filter sock, baffles,4X large media bags serve as the biological filter, and an external blueline pump. I was growing live plants, so the lights were appropriate for that. I swapped out metal halides and VHO's for T-5's. Now that the plants are not live, I don't have to worry about changing bulbs like I would have.
  8. Oh yeah, that was a blue mystery. I sent them to another hobbyist. They make too much mess.lol I do still have one little olive I have had for years. Thanks..I think. Of course it does! It's ok.
  9. Thank you! Thank you! It's a 90 gallon. They are artificial.
  10. Great job! I love it!
  11. Occasionally I have to remove all the plants, soak them in bleach, wash them real well, do my water change, then replace them. The plants smelled kind of extra bleachy last night, so I am going to rinse them a bunch more before returning them. It's a good time to see the fish without an obstructed view though, so I took a video this morning. To give you an idea how big they are, the little one is about the average size you would see in a pet store. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YQrfnrqDeY
  12. Thanks for the nice comments. Bruce, I am not sure, but she does have some very shiny parts. She has become much more covered with black than when she was little, which I find interesting. All of the fish I have , or had, that were orange with black, or panda color have lost most if not all of their black.
  13. You can definitely pass parasites via snails. The problem is you cannot treat invertebrates. There is a certain amount of risk no matter what,
  14. A lot of you have mentioned liking Tora{tiger ranchu} when I have posted pics. There is one nearly like her right now on the GC auction.It even has much more head growth. You should get her. Tora when she arrived last april need to work on new pics
  15. I have never had a fish die through a transhipper. Very wonderful choice, congrats!
  16. You are keeping them together?
  17. #7 would be my choice as he is different.
  18. I only have had success once curing a fish with dropsy. And it was thanks to the good people on this forum and this food~ https://www.goldfishconnection.com/shop/details.php?productId=9&catId=1 Hope he gets better.
  19. Love the plants pearling. That is what I always wanted out of planted tanks, but could never achieve. It is a lot of work and dedication. Proper tweaking of nutrients...etc. I failed bigtime.
  20. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Still holding out for a better camera that takes BETTER videos! Maybe this year...Santa? lol The music is youtube music. You can choose from music they have, I believe all the 'musicians' are unknowns, or it is all digital... No more live plants! It stays soo much cleaner! I wish I could have kept a beautiful planted tank, but it just didn't get to what I wanted. I am real happy with this set up. So far I had to bleach the two on the right once. There might be a couple more that could use a cleaning, but now they are easy. Just soak in bleach, rinse,rinse, dechlor, rinse rinse rinse and they go back!
  21. Mine is just done manually also. But he nosed up alongside the glass before I realized..it happened really fast. I think the protruding eyes made it that much easier for it to come out.
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