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  1. What a lovely little 'chu! Congrats!!
  2. They are both beautiful! Congrats on your new friend...stunning! I just got some new DO fish too.
  3. Thanks for all the kind words. I have new substrate that I will be putting in. It is the same kind, just more of it and it will be all new. I will get some pics when I make the change. I am glad you were able to get some plants Heidi! Do you have some pics posted of it with them?
  4. Hi Jen, I have a couple questions. When I first added Tahitian moon sand, I purchased the live type. I recently ordered two cases so I could replace the substrate, but was sent the dry kind with just the biological packet, which it appears is what you have. Any tips you can share on making this a smooth transition? I noticed you removed the fish while you added the substrate. How soon after did you add them back? Any problems with a film at the surface? Did you pre-rinse the substrate as the package recommends? Thanks for any help.
  5. That might be because "the Shrimp Farm" is up in Sanford, or Deland I believe. Good guy, also a hobbyist from TPT. BTW, we share the same town.
  6. You can also find a slew of them on Aquabid, but you will get a far better deal from the hobbyists on the planted tank forum.
  7. The Planted Tank Forum. Snails make way more mess than they ever clean up. For truly algae eating critters like snails, it takes a lot of food to keep them going, hence LOTS of poop.
  8. Thanks everyone! I got the plants from Aquarium Design Group in Texas.
  9. Thanks everyone. I am sure your tank is beautiful too!
  10. Thanks so much. It is a standard 90 gallon, with a 29 gallon sump, external pump, and media bags with Eheim media serves as the biological filtration.
  11. Thanks a lot. Yes, it was painted on before we set the tank up as a reef in 2006. We painted it outside with krylon paint. It gives a nice complete coating, and is what most hobbyists paint with. You just have to tape the rest off with paper and easy remove tape.You see how it has held up.
  12. Yes, I love it! It will be replaced with the same. I just think every once in awhile you need to replace it. It keeps from having old tank syndrome or sulfate pockets. Thanks for the compliment.
  13. Yes, live tahitian moon sand. I am planning to replace it with all new here in the next few weeks. It has been in there over a year, and although most everything lies on top, some works it's way into it.
  14. Thank you! No, I am sorry. That is Dorado, named for the constellation. I lost Zorro and Sawyer together,last year.
  15. They sure can chew them up, even if they don't eat them..they seem top do it for fun! Here is the tank re-scaped. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/108610-new-scape/page__pid__1432334#entry1432334
  16. Here is the tank with some of the plants replaced.
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