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  1. Thank you and thanks goes to everyone. Koko's and it's great members for being here. And Cynthia and the person who brought Vann to her attention. Thank you each and every one. :I-Thank-You:
  2. Thanks for the encouragement and nice comments. I am told the QC is not harsh. It has a low percentage of formalin. He will do fine. I will be glad when Sumo can swim with his new friends in the new set up!
  3. It's just three days, and then three more after the two rounds of prazi.
  4. It is for other external parasites. We will do 2 rounds of quick cure, two rounds of prazi, and a week of metronidazole and nitrofuracen green. He was scraped for external parasites several times and came up clean. But I am not taking any chances.
  5. Sumo will stay in qt until we have treated him for everything, external and internal pathogens and parasites. We just finished three days of quick cure, and 48 hours of nothing but clean water. Later today we start Prazi-Pro.
  6. Thanks so much everyone I would like to announce to the fish Gods~ That I have spent WAY too much time in this section at Koko's. I would now like to see other sections of Koko's. Thank you.
  7. Yes, one air pump driving two small corner sponge filters. I think you might mean the aluminum plant? They do, they love each others company. It keeps them stimulated. Their displays are never too intense, and mostly they just check each other out. Thank you! Some may notice my third retro nano is missing. I gave the setup away to a nice young man a couple days ago. I know he will take very good care of it, and if I had tried to sell it I would worry. This ordeal with my goldfish has taken a big toll on me. I am glad things are finally settling down.
  8. Vann is now back with his buddies in the main tank and doing great! I will get new pics. The part that filled in is looking good. I am thinking that is all it will fill in and there will always be a small void there. That is ok. I am just happy he survived this ordeal and is doing well. His skin on his head looks better and he has an overall much better look to him. Not all droopy and sad like he was. When he first went into the tank he was having some swim bladder issues. I think from the difference in pressure. It was amazing to see Moby and Charlie rally around him and help keep him upright. It was very scary for the first 12 hours. Now he is back to normal and looking wonderful.
  9. Charlie's prolapse is barely noticeable and he seems to be doing great. It is receding back inside him.
  10. That's a very nice and insightful comment. They are meant to be whimsical.
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