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  1. Thank you! Here are recent pics http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/116922-sumos-qt/page-2
  2. Day one of 7 days of Metronidazole and Nitrofuracen
  3. I love her name. They are all beautiful..congrats!
  4. One of the best things about being an adult~ dessert whenever you want it!!
  5. Thank you. I had a dream about him last night. He was floating upside down. I hope it gets easier soon
  6. Oh sorry..lol..Well it might help someone who doesn't
  7. Thank you Scarlett. I watched some old videos of him yesterday and had to stop. It still hurts.
  8. They need a lot of algae/diatoms, Something most people fight back in a planted tank. Supplement them with chunks of cucumber and zucchini. Algae tabs are also appreciated. I like the Zebra otos, pricier and hard to find, but oh so pretty. I agree they don't take to meds easily. Prazipro is pretty mild though. It is used on fry!
  9. Good morning. Thanks for the replies. Sumo is doing great! We have completed Prazipro and are on day 2 of the second round of QC. After that we start the Metro/Nitrofuracen and he is done! Should be just in time for the 90 to be finished cycling.
  10. Vann passed away on April 18th, about 10 a.m. I will still hold that the final treatment of metronidazole and nitrofuracen green did cure his parasites, infection, and hole in the wen. If you could have seen how good it looked. No more angry open wound. The black had faded to a light thin line. It was just too late. I put him through other procedures which took up valuable time. Time his little body just could not withstand. Maybe he would have had better results if he had stayed in qt a while longer, or had a fully cycled tank to return to. I will never know. But if anyone wanted to know, I would recommend this treatment for hole in the wen. In fact I would make this treatment a part of qt protocol personally, as I am with Sumo. Moby and Charlie went through this treatment, and they are both doing great. Rest in peace Vann. I am sorry it was too little too late.
  11. Thank you. We are not out of the woods yet. Vann had a setback. The meds and everything he has been through has caused some damage to his internal organs. He is back in the 29 gallon QT, with water just a few inches above his head. The pressure from the depth of the 90 was just too much for him yet. And he spent a good portion of the day upside down yesterday until I removed him. As soon as I put him in shallow water he righted himself. I have added a heater to keep him at a slightly warmer temperature also. He will have to stay this way and gradually as he gets better we can add more water, until he is swimming better and able to maintain his swim bladder properly. Good energy is appreciated.
  12. Yes, they do have it in stock! Thanks so much. Even if I did have them growing here I would not risk it.. I live near a lake and they spray from a truck for mosquitoes. When I hear that truck coming if the dog is outside I freak!..."GET THE DOG INSIDE!!" Nasty stuff...
  13. Thanks! Wonder where I could get some...hmmm Whole Foods?
  14. Thanks Helen, and thanks for the heads up. He has been a bit wonky with his swim bladder on and off. I can only imagine this whole ordeal has taken a huge toll on his liver and kidneys. I wish I knew if the milk thistle/dandelion was safe for fish. It helped my bird heal from liver damage.
  15. Sending positive healing energy to your fish.
  16. Thank you. We are on day three of Prazi.
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