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  1. Thank you.These were the long finned albino kind.Not full grown yet, but gorgeous. Definitely not worth that. You should have seen me trying to catch them. Fast little buggers. But not fast enough!
  2. Thanks everyone. You know one of my friends questioned me when I added them. And i had heard of some doing this. When I looked it up it is very sad..they seem to go for discus and goldfish most. But there is even a video on yt of one attacking and eating a fish. many plecos/catfish start life as algae eaters, but turn more towards meat the older they get
  3. Thank you. I am so upset over this. I had heard of this, but thought it was only the regular ones. Stupid way to find out..
  4. Ok..so we had KingTut with half his face torn off, we have Charlie still with several red marks around her face, and NOW I just noticed Fu Man chu{the mostly black ranchu} has a mark similar to what Tut had, but not as severe. So I thought about it...what could it be? Ahah.... albino bristle nose plecos! Looked it up quick, sure enough got lots of hits that it not only happens, but can be as bad as what I am seeing. So solution, tore the tank apart and took them both out. I also removed all the driftwood, just in case I am wrong and they are simply scraping themselves, which I really doubt. Not like that, deep gashes. So we will see. My LFS owner is very cool and will work with me, she took the plecos back tonight. Please send me good wishes that I don't lose Charlie or Fu Man Chu.
  5. Thank you! That is Charlie. I love her, she is the best fish. She looks either purple or very bronze depending on how the light hits her. She was crazy expensive...dang DO auctions! LOL When I saw her I did a BIN because I knew she would not last until the end of the auction. I think she was worth it though. I have never seen one quite like her.
  6. Thank you! The one who looks black is also a blue. Great photos everyone!
  7. Mine love to hang together so much, sometimes it seems impossible to get a clear shot of a single fish.
  8. Hello everyone! I am sorry I missed everyone's posts. I have been very very busy. Thanks for the nice comments. Hope everyone is doing well. The tank is doing great now. I had to push the driftwood way back from the front. Troy and I were watching the fish the other day, and we think that is where Charlie was getting the red marks on her face. She was trying to squeeze her big chubby self between there. Now there is plenty of room. I have been dipping her in a strong{3%} salt dip. It has decreased the redness and size of the spots. She did not do well in QT at all. I had to come up with another solution. On a sad note, I couldn't save Tut, and lost him last week. I feel really really bad about him. I really liked him a lot and thought he was going to be fine. He quit eating one day, the next morning he had passed. Hello, I wound up getting a Tetra{gasp} whisper 40. It was the biggest one I could find with a single output. It kicks compared to the ten I did have there.
  9. There is light, but not sunlight from a window. I will close the blind. Since I am into this day three ack I did not realize. She really doesn't eat quite 30 pellets, so maybe just continue with the cream and maracyn II..or just maracyn II? I would be glad to quit the mg because as I said it is clouding the water which worries me.
  10. I have been using maracyn II, today is day 3 of that.I could not find kanamycin in town. I did not want to wait any longer for something else in the mail. The maracyn II is supposed to heal bleeding ulcers, septicemia,fin rot, dropsy, etc.I have stopped putting the cream on the face. No salt. Yesterday I received something called tricide neo, that I am supposed to mix with the cream and apply. But I am nervous about it. It looks like very dangerous stuff. I am still feeding the mg, but boy does it foul the water!
  11. Thanks very much! I don't know what I would do without you folks here. My poor fish. This needs to stop.
  12. For the purpose of feeding properly with Medi-Gold food~ King Tut's weight= 71 grams Charlie's weight=200 grams{wow} My issue is I don't have a scale that measures milligrams, so how much to give KT? It says 710 Mg. 1 gram is evidently 1,000 mg. Charlie I would give 2 grams, correct?
  13. Ok cool. That is what I did. I did put 1% salt back in Charlie's tank, since it seemed to help before. So I have to weigh them both? Remind me how to do that. In a tupperware or?
  14. Tut day 4 Not a very good pic..I can try to do better. I started the medi-gold.
  15. See what happens when you don't wait. Charlie had this yesterday. Today there is another small one on the other side of her chin. I have no clue what to do now. Pull out the big guns? This is not what I had in mind for King Tut to have a buddy. Lugging out and setting up the 29 gallon in here was a bear. Please excuse the background mess. This is my storage room.
  16. As I said, there are several nozzles. To me the spraybar has the lowest flow. But you can adjust the flow. I always set them up with double quick disconnects as well.
  17. I would be concerned with excess heat since the filters are internal. But then I live in Florida. But yes, more surface area for BB to grow, will increase the population.
  18. What I have been doing, is making the water beforehand, so it gets to the same temp as the tank he is in. Siphon out one five gallon bucket from the surface{no poop}. Transfer him to the bucket. Medicate his face before placing him in the bucket. Continue and get poop into second bucket. Replace water with pre-made water. Return him to tank. I don't see a huge difference between this and a second tank really.
  19. I am not familiar with a 2048, is that this? http://www.marinedepot.com/filters_eheim_powerline_internal-ap.html Of the other type, I would choose the 2078. It has 490 GPH. Since it is recommended to have 10X filtration, this will be better. With canister filters being more efficient, the rule can be bent a little.
  20. How exciting and wonderful!!! It would be so fun to watch them grow. Couldn't you use something over the hose end that would suck up the water, but not the fry? Maybe a piece of pantyhose fastened with a rubber band?
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