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  1. Hello and thanks. The plants left to right are ozelot and amazon sword, crinum calamistratum, anubias barteri barteri, and java fern. Lighting is HO T-5's. No CO2. Root tabs for the swords.
  2. That is really cool. What is inside the planter, sand or dirt?
  3. Thank you all so much! Here too. When I grabbed it, it was so big I had to back it out the same way it went in so it wouldn't hit the lights. It took a few minutes, and by the time I got it out my hand was covered in brown. I can only think that sloughs off into the water. And yes, it is not worth compromising their swimming room for any 'look' we are trying to achieve. Better in tanks with goldfish for it to be about the fish, not the tank.
  4. It might take awhile to talk hubby into, and then to find a good deal on something. I would love to have a clean open top look.
  5. Rummy noses can be a little touchy. Something good to know, what 'schools' in a petshop, may not once it gets to your tank. The behavour is seen there as they are often crowded and nervous. Denison barbs are really awesome!
  6. Haha..that last one is awesome! Peekaboo I see you!
  7. What a lovely tank and wonderful photos! Especially the kuhli pic which I am totally jealous that he even sat still long enough for it!
  8. I had to come back and look again. Exactly what bulbs are you running in that fixture? I have the same type of lights, but mine is a two bulb set up. I didn't know goldfish could handle the CO2.
  9. Thanks so much! Thanks so much! Haha..It always puzzles me how they get so chubby. It doesn't seem like that much food.... It makes them look like they eat chips and drink litres of soda all day.. Thanks so much! Thanks very much!
  10. Wow they look SO much better already! Charlie's spots are faded to pink. I think they are going to be ok.
  11. Thanks everyone. Now that I see it in a sort of minimal/medium scape again, I really prefer it this way. Not so busy, better for the fish. The only thing that would make it better would be if it were 6'. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  12. Very nice. I love the spotted pleco. What is the red dot on his back?
  13. They seem to really be much happier with it this way. I am too. We won't miss a big piece of wood just taking up space. They are always swimming swimming
  14. Sure I will let you all know. Thanks for the replies. They are really enjoying all the room!
  15. Great tank, love it! I love the room..the goldfish really pick up the orange in it.
  16. Absolutely stunning fish and tank. The photos are awesome!
  17. Good morning and thanks for the well wishes. I did some more reading and feelings seemed mixed. I think those who are so adamant that a BN won't do this have just not seen it. Yes I give veggies, algae wafers, and veggie/krill pellets.Sometimes other foods, like occasional blood worms. The goldfish congregated over there at night to sleep. Maybe the BN felt his spot in the driftwood was his home, and was trying to defend it? I do not know. I had seen him get aggressive toward the other, or perhaps frisky, always after a water change. Can a goldfish do this to another? I find it odd that the new cuts on Fu Man Chu's face are in the exact spot that Tut's injury was. It certainly is a mystery, but there are no other fish capable of this in this tank, unless one of the GF is doing this. I never see them being aggressive towards each other. The way I see it is if the attacks stop well I am pretty certain. If a BN can rasp wood, I don't see why he couldn't rasp the soft side of a goldfish
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