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  1. Thank you. yes I posted it in the update on the nano thread.
  2. Thank you for the nice compliments. I keep the small tanks covered at night.
  3. Thanks for all the comments everyone. Unfortunately this guy has to go. He is picking at Vanessa's wen, and will not stop. The president of the Koi society is coming to pick him up! So he will have a good home. I am determined NOT to add anymore fish, and just leave well enough alone.
  4. Thanks again! The two are in the dining room area{non formal lol}, and the single is in the living room. Are you mapping my house out to steal them too!?
  5. I have actually had some bettas that left shrimp alone. The shrimp weren't too crazy about it though.... They are actually available from time to time on ebay.
  6. Thanks everyone I will watch for you.
  7. The tank on the left will be for the new green OHM that will arrive in February. The tank on the right is where the pink boy is. Here is the pink one Here is the green one .
  8. Good morning and thanks everyone. This boy is very friendly which is why I chose him. It's a bonus that he is beautiful too. He looked nothing like this at the LFS under different lighting. Hi Alex, that's just it, I am enjoying playing around with the camera, but have to get down to actually learning how to use it properly. I need to learn where the functions are, so I can adjust accordingly to the situation and lighting. I am having the hardest time with action{the goldfish} and the tank that Sultan is in. For some reason that LED lighting is totally different. I have some other pics I took of him and the nanos yesterday I will post. The goldie ones came out terrible.
  9. Here is the new pink boy [url=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/waterfaller1/media/fish/newpractice184.jpg.html]]
  10. LOL I will. I have a new camera but I have not learned much about it yet. Like how do I turn off the flash? With tanks you really need the flash off.
  11. I am a little bit curious if he is a marble too. AB= Aquabid. Thanks everyone. He ships in February. I had to give up my licorice gouramis and my scarlet badis. My cultures were not doing well. I also picked up a pink crowntail the other day. I need to get pics of him. And names for both! I swapped out the sand in one tank, or most of it. For natural gravel. And Sultan the red/blue HM plaket was moved to the tank that is separate, with the black moonsand. He seems to be happiest there. the pink one went into the tank with the new half substrate of gravel. I will get some pics soon.
  12. Thank you. Here's a pic
  13. waterfaller1

    New Betta

    Won this guy on AB last night. hard to find green color Monster OHM
  14. I just spoke to Devin directly. Thanks for bumping this thread. I promised the ones I have to Lisa.
  15. I have used them. I have medium,large, and jumbo. I do not use them anymore, but they work well. Want some?
  16. How cool is that! What a beauty,Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the compliments everyone.
  17. Hello, & thank you! I need new pics. I have dario dario in the tank that sits alone.
  18. Thank you all so much! Well when I bought the camera I thought I was getting two extra lenses. I did, but they are extensions that screw onto the original lens. Troy explained to me what a good quality lens is all about.{and how much they cost..oh my} He said while they do a good job, it is nothing compared to a good quality lens. One is a macro, and the other is a wide angle.
  19. This was just playing around...the pics are amazing! Heartly
  20. His tail reminds me of a piece of candy corn..lol. He is fast too! He needs a name. My grand niece said "Zoomer" when I told her he needed a name, and was a fast fish.
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