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  1. Thank you for the support everyone. It is such a scary feeling every day. Do you do this? I wake up very early in the a.m.{just woke up } and even though it is dark, the light that casts over from the stove is like a night light, and enough to see his orangeness . Is he still swimming? Or if I go out shopping or somewhere, the first thing I do when I get in is look to see.....still swimming? I worry so much! So far so good. The black is still present, but the hole seems to be shrinking a little. An odd thing it never appeared red or inflamed in any way. Ok so I will name him Van Morrison, and call him Van. A great musician. Yes! For a total of two weeks, right? That means we quit not this Sunday, but next Sunday. I am glad they seem to like it as well as they do.
  2. Thanks, still swimming. I am so embarrassed..I should have left her with a boy's name... Tomorrow is the last shot. I have my fingers double crossed for her/him.
  3. Oh wow..wouldn't that be kind of funny. I changed {his/her} name from Rhett Butler to Vanessa! So maybe he is a Rhett...or a Van? Maybe all of my fish are boys for all I know..I am kind of blind! Thank you
  4. Thanks everyone. She is still doing well. I am preparing to do injection #4 here shortly. What makes you think she is a he? I figured by now she would show stars if she was a boy. I know Moby, and Fu Man Chu are boys. I think Charlie is too, but not certain. neither Lovey nor Vanessa show any stars, and the ones I know are boys stick their heads up their
  5. He is gorgeous! What are the little spots that look like holes you reckon?
  6. She is out and back in the tank in five minutes or less. She calms down very easily and quickly. Thanks for the well wishes everyone.
  7. That is cool. I saw something on super bowl Sunday that was horrendous. It was called "the fish bowl". From what I saw, it was someone setting up goldfish in a regular standard style bowl with decor and substrate. It made me go
  8. I love them but had to rehome my pair. They can injure goldfish.
  9. From today[ URL=http://smg.photobucket.com/user/waterfaller1/media/fish/NEWVANESSA029.jpg.html][/url]
  10. Getting ready for injection #3 I wait for her to be calm Calm See the light colored part on the body just under the dorsal? That is where I hit her with the needle, in the dorsal muscle.I slip the needle under a scale, so no scale loss.
  11. I thought some of you might be interested to see what I am doing to try and save Vanessa. She popped up with a bad bacterial infection. That must have been festering below the surface, and them became open. It is fairly deep, and a few days ago you could have stuck a pencil in it. We are on day three of Baytril injections at one tenth of a CC, for a total of five days. She and her friends are receiving medi-gold food. I am feeding all of them the medi-gold for two weeks, just in case this is what is know as "hole in the wen disease" There was that little common in the tank for a couple weeks who was hitting her in that spot. Now whether he may have caused the initial bacteria to enter her wen, or what I do not know. As bad as it was, if I did nothing I don't think she would be doing as well. The hole does look better, and she remains active and eating. First pics
  12. I like this pic, even though it didn't come out great. She still has her heart mark.
  13. Charlie and Vanessa kiss Lovey Moby Fu Man Chu Charlie
  14. I thought I have seen that some people float a beach type ball or a ring in their pond to keep a spot open That does look cold..yikes.
  15. Thank you Shelli and Dan! {I reached my quota of likes already today...why is there a limit? }
  16. Well you have done an outstanding job of keeping it simple, but making it pop. It's great! I wish I could find stones like yours. The egg shapes and colors are what I wanted.
  17. I love you guys and how you take the time to teach and help others. I have never seen a cross word here. You are a fantastic group of people, and I am proud to be a member of Koko's And thank you Koko for having and maintaining such a great forum. This morning I went through and found some photos of people's tanks to share with a girl on a bird forum. It did not take me long to find several gorgeous tanks here to give her ideas. I hope none of you mind that I shared them.
  18. A girl after my heart. It is absolutely gorgeous, and one of my new favorites here at Koko's! Fabulous!
  19. Thanks so much. He is very sweet too. He needs a name!
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