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  1. The fellow who came over has a whole pond full{3300 gal} of pearlscales. he claims they like to rub on things. He has some breeders who have 0 scales. As long as he is ok I am happy. I have removed the potential problems that could have caused this.{see blog}

  2. And more changes...

    First I want to say~ Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations about losing Charlie. I know I said I would give up keep GF. I think I say that every time, just out of frustration.

    I am happy to say with less fish, my tank is looking great and parameters are awesome.

    I had some trouble yesterday though....

    Sumo gets to be a bit of a top skimmer after eating sometimes.{too much at once perhaps} and goes up into the floating plants. Yesterday when lights came on I was upset to see all the scales on his sides were barely hanging on him. I immediately thought the synodontis did this. I removed him to a bucket and set about finding him a good home. Along with his cave. As the day went on I also thought it was possibly the fact that he goes up into those plants and wiggles around. That maybe the action of doing so broke his scales off. I removed them. I found a great person who loves and keeps lots of goldfish and has other tanks too. He had a 55 with not many fish, and no GF. He came and picked up the catfish. He got to see my set up and he took a look at Sumo. He thought the catfish wouldn't have stopped at just the scales. He would have had chunks missing too. But to be safe and not sorry I let him take my beautiful cat. He loved Moby and said he looks healthy and beautiful. So Sumo is once again in qt with nitrofuracen green, per Cynthia's recommendation, to make sure he doesn't get a bacterial or fungal infection.

    He is just as active as ever, and is eating.

    Hope you are all doing well. :)

  3. Thanks for all the encouragement and sentiments. You are all so kind. The 30{actually over 35} year old fish I know personally is a retired maroon clownfish. But I have heard of some fw fish in the 10-15 year range. This was a devastating blow at a bad time. I have been feeling for the last few weeks something terrible was about to happen.

    I will see my last fish through however long they are with me. After that, I may be calling it quits. You can be as good and try as hard as you want, but it never makes it any easier to lose one. Each time it gets harder for me.

    I used to love to fish. Until one day I was out in the ocean and hooked into a marlin. He gave me a good fight, and after an hour and ten minutes I was able to "bring him in" His dorsal was slashed nearly off by the line. He looked so stressed, as my bil worked to free him. Finally free, he held him alongside the boat and finally let him go. I worried about that fish for so long. And still to this day I think of his big eye glaring at me. It changed my thoughts on fishing forever. I could never fish again, unless my life depended on it....and I don't see that happening.

    This kind of feels similar. If you can understand that

  4. Thank you all. I finally brought myself to prepare him for his burial. I will ask Troy to help place him deep enough. I just cannot keep having my heart ripped out. I have never encountered fish as difficult as these imported goldfish. I don't know why I did not give this up 20 dead goldfish ago..... :no:

  5. Charlie has passed away. My friend Cynthia thinks from his symptoms he possibly had fish TB. I have been going through a total nightmare with my mom this week. She had a stroke and no one at the nursing home did anything for her for over a week. She is in the hospital right now. Life throws me crap in huge waves. Not sure why that is ...

    My water is perfect, so it had to be something internal. I went to do my weekly water change last evening and Charlie was on his last breath.

    I am considering giving up keeping fish at all for now.

    I am so sorry sweet Charlie.My heart is shattered once again. :(

    Rest in peace Charlie


  6. Me too Marcus. This was born out of necessity to keep things cleaner for the fish. According to my filter sock & test kits~ Less fish and less stuff is adding up to MUCH cleaner water. Less problems in the long run is my hope. I have just lost way too many of these beautiful guys. Thanks so much. :)

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind words. :)

    For all who were concerned, I decided to remove the big cave today. It was just acting like a trap for stuff getting caught behind it. And then there's the stagnant water issue. The small one is enough for the cats. It seemed like I was just being stubborn and complicating something that was supposed to stay simple.

    Stubborn can = Stupidity :rolleyes:

  8. So you fixed the glass sculpture!! I think the tank looks very beautiful and am glad you are happy with it too!

    After seeing all the transitions this tank has been through, I just have to wonder if there will ever be a "final" final. You design such creative tanks I hope to see them continue to evolve!! :)

    Yes,well I just made sure there was no more glass coming off of it, and went without the stand. Thanks for the compliments. I am hoping for now it is the final... :teehee

    I've read through this whole blog, as well as the blog with your beautiful orange goldfish's (forgot her name! X.x) journey through what must have been a terrifying sickness for you. I am so impressed with your tank, and how calm you have kept through it all. Your fish are big and beautiful and your tanks are amazing. I haven't had my fish for even two months yet, but i hope that someday he will be as big and healthy and happy as yours. Your blogs are truly inspiring!

    That is very kind of you. Thank you for the compliments, and mentioning Vann.:)

    Good luck. What an incredible amount of work. :(

    I agree that the 2nd to last picture is to cute. :)

    Thanks for the compliments. :)

  9. Thank you all so much. At last I can live with the look. And more importantly, my fish are healthy! :wub:

    It looks great! That pearlie is so absolutely precious :heart

    A little precaution about that cave ornament though (I have the exact same type myself):

    The hole in the back is rather small and I would worry about a goldfish getting himself stuck as they grow bigger. In addition the top of the ornament holds water which due to the lack of circulation inside the cave can easily become stagnant.

    But you can easily block the back hole off by super gluing a small river rock inside that "window". In addition, I carefully drilled a small hole into the very top of the cave and placed an air stone inside, so the current from the uprising bubbles circulates the water inside the cave :)

    Thank you. I have had a few warnings about this cave. My flow is much higher than most tanks. I tried to put an airstone in it at first. I didn't think about drilling it. That's a great idea. It kept rising up as it filled with air. :blush: I have the back of it against the glass, and there is a catfish living in it. I really do not think I will have issue with a GF trying to get in it. Charlie is way too big. Sumo keeps to the left side mostly. The only one I would worry about would be Moby. He got in the pretty line, but never made it to the smarts line. :lol3 He has gotten himself stuck in the shell already a few times. The last time I almost thought I might lose him. His throat was scarlet red,then pink for a few hours, and he tore up his fins and tail. He just got out of qt once again just to be safe, with triple sulfa.I have remedied this with a piece of poret foam so he cannot get back in.

    Now what I have been doing is as I do a water change, everything gets moved around and turned over. When I did this last one I turned over the cave and stuck my siphon hose up into it. So I am definitely going to keep an eye on it. I can remove it if necessary. Thanks again.

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