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  1. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFlKm4iRU6g&feature=youtu.be
  2. The fellow who came over has a whole pond full{3300 gal} of pearlscales. he claims they like to rub on things. He has some breeders who have 0 scales. As long as he is ok I am happy. I have removed the potential problems that could have caused this.{see blog}
  3. Back in quarantine after scuffing up his scales. With Nitrofuracen green. {Thanks Cynthia } and just 'cause I think this is a cute pic
  4. Me too Marcus. This was born out of necessity to keep things cleaner for the fish. According to my filter sock & test kits~ Less fish and less stuff is adding up to MUCH cleaner water. Less problems in the long run is my hope. I have just lost way too many of these beautiful guys. Thanks so much.
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words. For all who were concerned, I decided to remove the big cave today. It was just acting like a trap for stuff getting caught behind it. And then there's the stagnant water issue. The small one is enough for the cats. It seemed like I was just being stubborn and complicating something that was supposed to stay simple. Stubborn can = Stupidity
  6. Thank you! Me either..but I had to find a way to keep it simple for cleanliness.
  7. Thank you all so much. At last I can live with the look. And more importantly, my fish are healthy! Thank you. I have had a few warnings about this cave. My flow is much higher than most tanks. I tried to put an airstone in it at first. I didn't think about drilling it. That's a great idea. It kept rising up as it filled with air. I have the back of it against the glass, and there is a catfish living in it. I really do not think I will have issue with a GF trying to get in it. Charlie is way too big. Sumo keeps to the left side mostly. The only one I would worry about would be Moby. He got in the pretty line, but never made it to the smarts line. He has gotten himself stuck in the shell already a few times. The last time I almost thought I might lose him. His throat was scarlet red,then pink for a few hours, and he tore up his fins and tail. He just got out of qt once again just to be safe, with triple sulfa.I have remedied this with a piece of poret foam so he cannot get back in. Now what I have been doing is as I do a water change, everything gets moved around and turned over. When I did this last one I turned over the cave and stuck my siphon hose up into it. So I am definitely going to keep an eye on it. I can remove it if necessary. Thanks again.
  8. I am not sure about the emporer, never had one. But in the AC just place the media in a small mesh bag. In the fluval go coarse sponge, media, fine sponge{polisher}
  9. Thank you Allie and halfofzero. Yes, he is a crown pearlscale. Maybe some day you will get a chocolate!
  10. Thank you I really like the marbles too.
  11. Thank you! I still have a feeling Charlie might be a big 'ol gal. Sumo acts like he is in LOVE
  12. Thank you. He was ok to begin with as far as I could tell, Just qt'd to be safe.
  13. My concern was seeing them poop out black sand poop. All they were trying to do was eat. My other concern is impaction. There is no proof that sand is consitently a health hazard to fish. Gravel collects a lot of waste that can be tough to clean. Also, I have read many stories of fish choking on gravel. Also, sand is a natural environment for goldfish. Keeping fish in an aquarium is not a natural environment. There are no benthic organisms in that sand in our tanks to work out the detritus and keep it healthy. So even if your tank water is clean, the sand is not. So you have fish swimming over a dirty bottom. It creates higher nitrates. Nope, gravel is not either. So that is why I have eliminated substrate. I have some marbles, but they easy to push around and clean the entire bottom.
  14. Just a warning on sand. It is practically impossible to actually clean it, and you may find your goldfish ingest it. I removed mine because of this.
  15. Wow..it looks as though he has grown ! then now
  16. Thank you. Today is day two..only five more days, as long as the 90 is done cycling. I won't put him in until it is.
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