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  1. Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFlKm4iRU6g&feature=youtu.be
  2. The fellow who came over has a whole pond full{3300 gal} of pearlscales. he claims they like to rub on things. He has some breeders who have 0 scales. As long as he is ok I am happy. I have removed the potential problems that could have caused this.{see blog}
  3. Back in quarantine after scuffing up his scales. With Nitrofuracen green. {Thanks Cynthia } and just 'cause I think this is a cute pic
  4. Me too Marcus. This was born out of necessity to keep things cleaner for the fish. According to my filter sock & test kits~ Less fish and less stuff is adding up to MUCH cleaner water. Less problems in the long run is my hope. I have just lost way too many of these beautiful guys. Thanks so much.
  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words. For all who were concerned, I decided to remove the big cave today. It was just acting like a trap for stuff getting caught behind it. And then there's the stagnant water issue. The small one is enough for the cats. It seemed like I was just being stubborn and complicating something that was supposed to stay simple. Stubborn can = Stupidity
  6. Thank you! Me either..but I had to find a way to keep it simple for cleanliness.
  7. Thank you all so much. At last I can live with the look. And more importantly, my fish are healthy! Thank you. I have had a few warnings about this cave. My flow is much higher than most tanks. I tried to put an airstone in it at first. I didn't think about drilling it. That's a great idea. It kept rising up as it filled with air. I have the back of it against the glass, and there is a catfish living in it. I really do not think I will have issue with a GF trying to get in it. Charlie is way too big. Sumo keeps to the left side mostly. The only one I would worry about would be Moby. He got in the pretty line, but never made it to the smarts line. He has gotten himself stuck in the shell already a few times. The last time I almost thought I might lose him. His throat was scarlet red,then pink for a few hours, and he tore up his fins and tail. He just got out of qt once again just to be safe, with triple sulfa.I have remedied this with a piece of poret foam so he cannot get back in. Now what I have been doing is as I do a water change, everything gets moved around and turned over. When I did this last one I turned over the cave and stuck my siphon hose up into it. So I am definitely going to keep an eye on it. I can remove it if necessary. Thanks again.
  8. I am not sure about the emporer, never had one. But in the AC just place the media in a small mesh bag. In the fluval go coarse sponge, media, fine sponge{polisher}
  9. Thank you Allie and halfofzero. Yes, he is a crown pearlscale. Maybe some day you will get a chocolate!
  10. Thank you I really like the marbles too.
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