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  1. Thanks so much everyone! I am really feeling better about this!! Just have to give it time, give it time... oh, and, fishy pictures after Prazi is done!! I am 5/6 days in and Cypress doesn't look any better. Guess I'm just impatient. Haha! But yea, I am feeling better about this, and more on the keeping them side than the re-homing side now.
  2. Thanks so much everyone! You are so helpful, and it means alot. Problem is, Mom doesn't like the look of fish tanks, upstairs. Haha. Maybe Dad will find them relaxing!? Ahh well... I'll just start readings books infront of the tank, and future homework when school starts
  3. Hi Skarto, I am not %100 sure but the red and white one looks like a Comet. The calico with more orange looks like Common same as the black and white one.
  4. Everyone one of you is amazing! I am beggining to realize what's going wrong... My tank has been in a couple month rut. Fish have been getting sick, and in between each one I have only a couple of weeks. I think the probem with me is not that I have no emotional connection, it's that I'm not in full control of my fish because I live at home and I don't have a real job. Also the sickness with my fish has tired me out. But you know what?! I am going to go down stairs, treat with Prazi like my schedule says, and I'll face this problem when it comes. In a month or two. Three months. I would love to have grown healthy fish. So what am I going to do!? Raise them the best I can for months, and then face this and see how I feel. See I thought it was that there was no connection, there is! A couple weeks ago I bought Benjamin Button and I was so excited! I really owe it to all of you. Thanks so much!
  5. Thanks Tay, I am so happy you are so understanding. It's not just because they get sick, I can be an emotional person, and I get attatched to my pets, it just hasn't been like that with my fish, like it is with my dog and cat. I think part of the reason for that is that the strong bond between my dog and I, and my cat and I is that I can cuddle them, hold them, etc. Do you know what I am getting at? I am not going to make any rash decisions because this is hard. It has just been on the back of my mind lately. I respect you guys, alot. And I love how your so attatched your fish, and I just don't have that because I can't form a bond of holding, petting, grooming, etc. I'm just not sure! Thanks, Lindsay
  6. I have noticed the past couple of months that I don't really enjoy fishkeeping as much as I might have the first year of having my first GF. Lately my fish have been getting sick, I have had fights with my parents over getting meds, paying for meds, going out to get them, and some crying. And it hasn't been easy. As fun as Cypress, Mouse, Fynn, and Benjamin Button are I really don't feel any, connection for them. Don't get me wrong, I love them and it was a joy to try and to keep them but I think I am more for pets whom I can cuddle, and hold. I am going to finish their Prazi Pro treatment and then list them online for sale. I will not be giving them to anyone who over stocks, does not care for them, has no room, or plans to put them in a bowl. I plan on selling my tank, plants, gravel, heater, and filter. I'm sure that I will be sad to see them go, but it's for the best that someone else can adore them, watch them instead of me. See, I realized that I didn't really go to see them all the often. I loved getting them new equipment, and decor but I didn't sit, watch, and enjoy them. All I did was feed them in the morning, and at night. I hope all of you don't think I'm horrible, stupid or a monster. I just figure that it's not the right thing for me. I will miss all of you, simply because your so nice, you help me through any fish illness, and helped give my fish the best start in life they can have. So if anyone of you, because I trust this site, would like a fish near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you can emails me at l.seaton@hotmail.com Thank everyone, Lindsay
  7. My goals? 1. 120-140 gal! 2. Fill it with Lionheads, Ranchus, Pearlies, Oranda's, and Fantail's! 3. Plant it all over, nicley! 4. Barebottom 5. Stock up before hand on all meds 6. Buy some helpful W/C equipment 7. And as said before, find a way to pay for it! haha
  8. It does feel really weird! But it was great none the less. Thanks for al the positive feedback everyone. I only have a digital camera at the moment, but I really like photography, and I hope to get a Canon camera soon!
  9. What I'm wondering Tay, is how int he world would you sell a fish like that?! This guy could at least take up half my 55 Gallon! That's crazy to sell something like that, haha.
  10. I have had that when I cleaned my 10 gal, so it wasn't as big a job. Thank goodness! Too bad that your excitment had to deteriorate when you used the canister!!
  11. So yesterday my grandma took my siblings, mom, and I to the Toronto Zoo for the day. I took some pictures of the animals and thought I would share some with you! Mudpuppy kind of thing. Haha This thing was huge! I felt kind of bad for it because it's fins looked a little chewed up, and it just sat there. Does anyone know the breed of this creppy guy? My favorite pictures of the Rhino! The last snapping turtle photo is actually sideways, he as clinging to the wall. It looked kind of funny! Their marine tank was so nice! The pictures are horrible and DO NOT do it any justice! They had so much live rock and plants in there is was beautiful! These jellyfish were really interesting. And they glowed like a night light! This was Stringray Bay, now including sharks! If you wash your arm up to your elbow, and take off jewelery you could pet the Stingrays and the one Shark. The stingrays loved to splash people, so 50% of people walked out wet. We arrived there around feeding time, and I fed them twice! You hold a piece of shmelt between your pointer and middle finger. Leaving your hand flat on the bottom, the Sting Ray comes over top and sucks it up like a vacuum. I think I screamed, but it was a really cool experience! Thanks for looking!
  12. I have to say Sakura, I have always been a bit jealous of your goldfish! They are all such beautiful fish! And Fuu is really a trooper!
  13. That is so horrible, and I'd hope that whoever put the Goldfish in there realizes what he/she may have caused, have caused, or will cause!
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