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  1. He is absolutely beautiful, orange or white, but this color-phaze right now is amazing. Keep taking pics and keeping us updated.
  2. One thing to note, is that I seem to be in the minority here, and run my planted tanks with an under gravel filter and powerheads. I find that they grow better.... Gives the roots someplace to cling to and the nutrients all flow right by the roots. Not everyone agrees with this method, just works really well for me.
  3. My plants are so well rooted that I can hydro-clean right up next to them. It is funny how they pull the "gunk" to them, the tank is always dirtiest right up next to the plants. I have crushed a leaf or two, but never lost a plant, they alway look really "perky" after I clean the tank.
  4. Hidr, have you tried java fern? My goldies will not touch this. Another great type is any of the cryptocornes. I have red, bronze and green that are all doing well. They are all low light low care. They all root fairly fast, but a trick is to protect them with a peice of drift wood (or anything that you can tuck them in close by) until they root. Let me know if you decide to give it a go again.
  5. There are some really nice looking, low light, low care plants out there. I love the look of live plants to the tank. I also know that they help absorb a lot of the waste that goldie put off. Good all the way around if you ask me. (and no one does, LOL)
  6. Awesome! Hopefully it turns out to be something minor and you end up with a great tank. I would love to have another big tank!
  7. Yeah!! Fins can get "folded" or "creased". It is not uncommon, and as long as there is no discoloration, and the fish does not seem uncomfortable, there is no issue. My red & white oranda's tail fin is folded.
  8. I think the mini bow is fine as far as a home goes. Depending on the level of salt you are using (you did not give the amount you are using) there is no problem keeping him "salted". I at this point would probably keep changing the water regularly, (clean water helps tremendously), I would keep him "salted", and I would look to get something like mela-fix, or an anti-bacterial medicated food. Jungle makes one that is good and easy to get hold of. Wally or PM will have either available, if you do not have a good LFS available. He tore it pretty far back, and probably just needs a little help to get him over it. Do not be suprised if it does not grow back or grows back a different color, both can happen. Keep us updated with how he is doing.
  9. If you have test kit, test the nitrates. Excessive algae growth of any kind can sometimes be linked back to high nitrates. It will not hurt your fish unless it gets to an extreme level, but it can mess with you ph and definately cause excess algae growth. Also what kind of light do you have and how long do you keep it on a day. If you run a light for 12-16 this also can cause a algae problem. The fish will be fine with 8 hours. One other crazy question is are you on well water?
  10. I fear it could be anchor worm. I have had it once a long time ago and know that goldfish can get this. I have attached a link, to see if the picture and symtoms that they list are matching up to what you are seeing. http://aquatropicalfish.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=233:anchor-worm&catid=40:fish-diseases] Please let us know. Also I hope I did not scare you, it can be treated.
  11. Due to the fact that goldfish will eat until they rupture their intestines, I never believe it when my goldfish tell me they are starving (which is every time I walk by the tank). I feed only one time a day, but if you choose to feed that much just really keep an eye on your water quality, and make sure that you alway do your water changes. More food=Moor Waste (get the pun, LOL) Ok I'm a dork, but the advice is sound.
  12. Always an awesome feeling when you find a deal like that!! Congrats on the "upscale apartment" for your guys!!!
  13. He's really good looking. I am glad that you got him. Seached all weekend and all over Denver for a cutie like that, and came up empty handed.
  14. They are fabulous!!! If you ever want to place one in a loving home, please let me know Look forward to seeing more picks.
  15. My understanding with melamine, is that is becomes very inert when it has been baked, and is definately considered to be "Food Safe". It was a powdered pre-processing melamine that was causing the issues with making the babies ill and sometimes turned deadly. I do understand your hesitation though, I am not about to loose a couple of hundred dollars, and the fish that I adore to anything questionable. I have really good luck ordering stuff from US Plastics, just go to the food industry page and there are a ton of options there.
  16. Hi Waterfaller1, just wanted to check if you were asking about gold and black, or yellow and black. I would consider my panda to have yellow and black. Check out this pick. http://i869.photobucket.com/albums/ab255/toosase/Fish/fish029.jpg A lot of panda orandas have this yellow coloring to thier faces. The tough part is finding panda orandas, at least where I am from.
  17. A quick way to really know if your snail is dead is if the foot covering has fallen off. It is the hard disc that folds back when they are out crawling around. If it is still attached, he's alive. Snails can go dormant for weeks at a time. I can not tell you how many people brought their "dead" snails into the fish store to find out what they did wrong, to find out that they were not dead at all. If he has passed, I'm sorry, but definately get another, they are so interesting to watch. I have never heard of any problem with snails and heaters, other than the heater going crazy and heating everything in the tank to 115*.
  18. If I were in Massachusets I would ask you where it was and sneak off and buy him for myself. I have never seen an all white one around here, and would love the look with the rest of my gang.
  19. I forgot to add that I think he looks really cute, and I love the black and white fish look. I alway look at mine and wonder how much they will change....
  20. So are you going to have to change his name to "White Cheddar" or maybe "Irish Cheddar"?
  21. I love the expressions on the goldies! You did such a good job with the pic's and the captions. Great looking fish, I really like the crown pearl, Ellie...
  22. My fish and I say thanks for all the kind words. We all know that they are not show goldfish, but they are my loves, and it is really nice to find people who find them as beautiful as I do! Wish I could get a better pic of the calico ryukin, but he has so much flash to him, they never turn out right. Going to go read up more on taking pics and see what I can do.
  23. They are completely beautiful! And what great pic's. Glad to see they are feeling better, here is to 20 more years of their company!!
  24. http://s869.photobucket.com/albums/ab255/toosase/Fish/ Hopefully this will work better, sorry all.
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