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  1. I have been meaning to ask this question so this seems like a good place to ask it, what about rain water ? Rainwater is a natural source of water & coldwater fish are exposed to it all the time in the wild anyway so it can't be all that bad for fish can it ? Has anybody ever tested rainwater for ph no2 etc ?
  2. I see it, a man with a goldfish bowl on a leash.
  3. I had this too. I think i got it when i introduced some stones into the tank, they must have leaked something into the water ?. I did a vinegar test prior to putting them in but i had no fizz so i assumed they were ok. It seemed to only grow on the seals of the tank & it was spotty patches, is this the same stuff you have got ?. Luckyly i only have a small tank about 18 Gal's so i was able to empty it out & clean the orangey stuff(it felt oily on my fingers) off with a new sponge without too much effort, i kept the stones out since & it hasn't come back yet. Maybe something has also leaked into your tank ? Have you added anythin new recently ?
  4. Ah it was Ich that caused me to find this place ! Don't forget once all the Ich has visibly gone continiue the salt & temperature treatment going for atleast another 7 days to catch any last attempts of an Ich cycle.
  5. Actually it may have been this one sorry. http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/83153-help-with-rescued-goldfish/ Mentions a red blood like vessel & has pictures too.
  6. Here you go, i think this is the one you speak of Hidr. (was bored) http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82896-white-spot-in-eye/ I can also say my moor also has a little white spot below his/her right pupil so it does seem common.
  7. Is your hood almost airtight with maybe a hole on the left side causing a sort of suction effect causing it to go high on the left side maybe ? Maybe it is just a trick of the lights refraction(is this the right word ?) causing it to look that way ?
  8. Don't you hate it when you drop in some food & it goes straight into the filter intake lol.
  9. Very nice fish, have you thaught up a name ?
  10. Maybe they are just chunks of food stuck on the mouth ? what do you feed him/her is the food sticky ? Maybe try something different to help rub off the stuck food ? Sorry i am just throwing in my thaughts i really have no idea, but to my eyes they don't look like those maggot things.
  11. Just one here Shadow my Moor or bronze tele. Total 230
  12. Brilliant, i cant get some vinegar in the morning & i am turning my heater on again now.
  13. Update All the decor is out apart from one little fake plant. I got desparate & panicy with the gravel & took it all out after i saw so much waste mixed up in it.Shadows mouth is looking much better today. I had been getting cloudy water during the course of this week so today i did a 100% w/c & cleaned the foam from the filter too. The tank looks like a new tank & the bottom is clean & Shadow likes to eat off the bottom like i had hoped. I am thinking of putting in some 3'' or 4'' inch sized rocks into the tank, i know i can test the rocks for fizz by using vinegar but i'm not sure what vinegar i should use ? Does the vinegar have to contain a certain chemical in there that i should look for on the label when i buy it ? I would also like to know what the optimum temp for a Moor should be, i was thinking of bringing the temp upto 20c or 21c.
  14. @ Amynmitchell I am frightened to take out all of the salt to be honest due to consistently having problems, i will gradually allow it to come out with each w/c i do without re-adding the salt just to be on the safe side. @ Chrissy_Bee i have had a good look in the mouth & all i can see is a sort of pinky red colour just like if you close your eyes & look in the direction of the sun or a bright light. Maybe he has dislocated his mouth as you say but after looking around on the net (typed ''Goldfish mouth stuck open'' in g00gle)i came accross a Koi forum & a forumer posted a reply suggesting that this is a new disease with goldfish from Asia. I am not too sure i believe that about it being a disease, it just doesn't sound realistic to me. I can post a link to that forum topic if anyone would like to see. Shadow's mouth is still closed today but is also still deformed as it was last night. He is still having difficulty in aiming his mouth when feeding. I am going to do 2 w/c a week instead of just 1 if i can get the time just to try & get the gravel out of my tank. I am going to try to see if i can get him to bottom feed once i gradually remove all my gravel. It's impossible to see food at the bottom while the gravel is there. I have taken out my pirateship & most of my other deco out incase they were the cause of any of the problems i have had. Among my removed deco was 1 large plastic plant which has a metal wireframe that kept the stems upright, one of the stems had come off & i could see rust on the end of the wire. Another was a small sort off round bush thing which i think may have been too sharp & another silky sort of stringy type of plant which had a bare lead weight (Lead can't be good in water ! )to hold it down. All i have left is one small fake plastic plant & some gravel. I don't know what else to do, i will keep an eye on his behaviour & progress.
  15. Shadow my black moor( now turning brownish golden) has scared the crap out of me!. I had recently been treating with salt 0.3% with the heater on & anti fungus & finrot R.I.P. Snowie. The treatment had reached the end & i decided to do a waterchange.. 40%. I readded the salt which i took out. All was well until the next day, his mouth was stuck open & wouldn't close at all ! I watched him for a while & decided to see if he could feed ok. He took in a piece of flake but it was spat out again, eventually he kept a piece in. I searched around this forum for similar stories about open mouths but all i could find was that a salt intolerance sometimes caused fish to swim around with the mouth open. I quickly took out around 10% out & put in some fresh water to the same temp minus the salt. No change in an hour so i did another 10%. At this point he seemed quite happy in himself swimming around searching for food at the bottom & waters surface as usual. This same fish had no problems when i treated with salt 0.3% to remedy Snowie from whitespot successfully for a 2 week duration so i am ruling out salt intolerance. I could see into his mouth & there was definately no gravel or debury stuck inside of his mouth, i heard that is not a very rare problem with goldie's. Next day it seems his bottom half of mouth was ok but now it was the top part of his mouth still not closed, looking carefully it looks like he has a foldable section that has failed to fold back in if that makes any sense. It is very hard to explain & i can't get a decent picture of it. Currently the mouth has closed but it seems to have expanded outwards changing the overall shape of the mouth ! He seems to be well & showing no signs of discomfort but he is having problems sucking up food as he once used to, seems like he needs to work on his coordination if you know what i mean. He seems to be off his aim with feeding. The suction is there but i can't tell if it is as strong as normal or reduced etc. Is this a common problem & will it heal intime ? I feel totally useless as a fish keeper at this point as since i had my fish all i have been doing is treating for problems 3 out of 4 are dead. I really want to see Shadow grow up to be healthy & live a long life !
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