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  1. Alright! this seems to be more fair to my goldies! i transfered my two pearlies into the pond and transferred my Calico moore into the tank. he's not getting much food in the pond so why not?
  2. Hmm..i've think about it and i'll just transfer my 1 pearlie to my 15g and make it a planted Goldie tank with snails. and It's an Indoor Pond and we have a tropical climate so don't worry about fluctuations.
  3. I have a 50 Gallon Pond with 6 Goldfish (Including the pearlies) Just measured it up and do you think they will be fine there? -Amriel
  4. Thanks for the Fast replies, i have some leftover money from our trip so i can order in some plants and snails for the tank *Jis Are they all Lowlight Plants? -Amriel
  5. I was thinking of Doing a lowlight planted Goldfish tank and was wondering for some suggestions on what kind of plants, how deep is the gravel etc. What Plants would do best in a lowlight planted tank Which has 20w of Lighting and Receives Direct Sunlight for 3-4 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. What kind of plants can be kept succesfully with Goldfish? What kind and how Deep should my gravel be? Thanks! -Amriel
  6. Thanks for the Replies guys, i think im going with 1 Apple snail 5 Mystery Snails 5 MTS Amriel
  7. i have two No name-Pearlie No name-Pearlie Total Count=37 Amriel
  8. Breeders here have fancies in Pond too The temp is quite steady it will just get colder if it rains but that's on an often basis as the Philippines is Suffering From what We call El Nino Phenominon or Drought That's why the Pond we are building has a Roof Thingy it's built beside a wall and i'll be sure to Put some Floating Plants in there Amriel
  9. We don't have winter here and yeah you can keep them in fancies in ponds Amriel
  10. and other smaller kinds right? oh and i won't let my pearlie stay in the 8g for long it's just temporary because we're in the process in Repairing/Rebuilding a 500g-1000g pond
  11. Thanks for all the Suggestions but i finally thought of sometank mates that might be possible, Big Apple snails? Amriel
  12. Well that's the part my Mom doesn't understand i show her stuff from the net like caresheets but she doesn't understand lol and you can definitely see in both my fish that the other one is growing faster than my other pearlie but nah she just rants about "why am i paying electricity bill for just having one Fish in a big tank" oh well mom is mom i guess i'll just have to find compatible tank mates with my pearlie in a 15g-17g tank (it's actually 17g when i measure but bought it as 15g) so any ideas? oh and another thing the 8g isn't mine it's my brothers but it's not in use atm that's why i can't upgrade we don't have room for a bigger tank too. Amriel
  13. Looking Good i can't wait to see it all done! Amriel
  14. Just a simple question about what Tankmates are compatible with Goldfish(e.g smaller fish) Gonna try and transfer my other pearlie to one of my Brothers unused 8g (under 2g i know but it's better then the 17g with my other pearlie) and well my mom doesn't like seeing only 1 fish in my tank so any suggestions? Amriel
  15. Update: They already made a Full Recovery Wohoo!! and thanks for the Goldfish bowl in the tank idea they use it as a Sleeping place and Eating place now Amriel
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